10% Discount Coupon Code on Acronis True Image 2015 Unlimited for PC and Mac – Family Pack

10% Discount Coupon Code on Acronis True Image 2015 Unlimited for PC and Mac – Family Pack

| August 17, 2015

10% Discount Coupon Code on Acronis True Image 2015 Unlimited for PC and Mac – Family Pack.

There are no limits on what you want to create, where you want to play, when you want to work.  There are no limits at all…
The new Acronis True Image Unlimited for PC & Mac isn’t just a backup tool.

It’s new, faster imaging technologies, data migration, the ability to backup virtual machines, and Unlimited cloud backup. Your digital life doesn’t depend on whether you use a PC or a Mac, and neither should your backup and protection. Forget the limits. Enjoy data safety.


Full system image backup

Only a full system image backup protects not just your data, but everything on your computer.

Saving only your data files quickly and efficiently without backing up your entire system won’t help you recover from any disaster. Saving only those data files is like trying to save water in the desert without a canteen.

Acronis True Image Unlimited has unique technology that will backup your entire system, and allow you to start working, creating and playing quickly.

You can access any individual file anytime, anywhere and know that you always have the latest version of your data at hand.

Backing up to the cloud is so much faster now with our new improved uploading technology.

Unlimited cloud backup

Save your entire system to the secure Acronis cloud with no space limitations, and access your data anytime, anywhere. This is completely unlimited.

Your computer isn’t just at home or in the office anymore, it’s wherever you are. So, local backup to an external hard drive isn’t enough. Only back up to the cloud works like you do.

Acronis True Image Unlimited features unlimited cloud backup with the fastest upload speeds in the industry.

Forget the limits – access your computer from anywhere in the world.

Universal Restore for PC

It shouldn’t matter which PC you use, you should be able to restore to any PC.

Backup from one Windows PC and restore to another. Move your system to any PC regardless of manufacturer, and choose from up to 20 previous system states to restore

Unlimited for Mac

Full system image backup is made easy with an intuitive and “native to Mac” user experience.

Easily navigate through all your schedules, destinations and backup settings.

Restore your computer from up to 10 previous states that include your every single file.

Acronis True Image for Mac is optimized to work with your Parallels virtual Windows software. Backup the most current state of your Parallels virtual Windows machine even when it’s running.

Easy recovery

Restore your PC or Mac Anywhere, Anytime.

Get your computer back to where it was at any given moment – even if it’s lost, stolen, or destroyed. Quickly restore from the cloud or your local storage. Create rescue media to restore your PC or Mac even if it can’t boot.

Get back not just your files, but the entire system, including:Documents, Favorites, Printers, Open Folders, Music, Applications, Scanners, Outlook eMail, Pictures, Licenses, WiFi Networks, iTunes, Folder, Clip Art, Links, Drivers, Searches, Video, Browsing, History, VPNs, Passwords, Games, Skype, History, Cookies, Downloads.

A new layer of protection

Work and play confidently knowing your files and system image are protected and encrypted for privacy.

Enhance your anti-virus by protecting yourself against new, more advanced threats such as intentionally malicious forms of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, rootkits, or spyware.

Restore your computer from up to 10 previous states in Mac, and up to 20 states in Windows.

Keep your backups password-protected with a personal key encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Industry standard AES-256 encryption protects all your data – including all backups stored in the Acronis Cloud.

Always up to date

Never worry about where your data is – it’s now available anytime, anywhere.

Stay ahead of the latest threats by always having the latest updates of your backup software.

You constantly change the way you run your digital life. Your protection and backup solution is changing with you. Acronis True Image Unlimited never stops improving, and never stops protecting you – all the upgrades are absolutely free while your subscription lasts.

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