Backup and restore your registry using ERUNT

Backup and restore your registry using ERUNT

| April 2, 2011

ERUNT – The Emergency Recovery Utility NT. Sometimes even running a system restore wont solve your problems, for various reasons. Erunt gives you an option to create an automated daily backup of your registry at logon (and to restore it manually when necessary)

As stated by the programmer, Lars Hederer, adding ERUNT to your startup list don’t work with Vista and Windows 7 when UAC is enabled. Nevertheless here’s a nice workaround to make this nifty program useful in Windows 7 (with UAC enabled) :

After installing ERUNT create a new basic scheduled task to auto-start the program at user logon ,adding this argument:

C:UsersXXXERDNTAutoBackup#Date# /days:14 /noconfirmdelete /noprogresswindow
(14 ,if you only want to store 14 backups deleting older ones)

Or choose another (new) folder elsewhere to your likings.

note :
Tip: do not choose the default backup location C:/Windows (that didn’t seem to work over here on 7),
but you can choose any folder you like in your personal users’ folder,or create a new one.

Make sure to tick the box ‘run with highest privileges’

ERUNT website

Thanks to our forum member DigIT for tip and the nice review

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