Best Plesk Coupons & Promo Codes 2020 – 20% OFF

Best Plesk Coupons & Promo Codes 2020 – 20% OFF

| November 15, 2019

Get Plesk Web Admin Edition, Plesk Web Pro Edition, Plesk Web Host Edition. Up to 20% OFF Discount Coupon codes on Plesk products.

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Despite being a few years late to the game compared to cPanel, the web hosting management behemoth Plesk is a force to be reckoned with. And there are multiple reasons as to why it’s so dominant. To start off with, Plesk is really geared towards the end user, and features a much cleaner and crisper user interface in relation to the competition. And alongside cPanel, it’s also the best when it comes to performance. Furthermore, Plesk features some of the best security-related features in business, making it an extremely versatile product that can weather intrusions of all sorts. But most importantly, it’s also fully customizable, with three base packages to choose from. Let’s go over them below, and then check out a few of the amazing toolkits and feature packs that you can add onto them.

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Plesk Web Admin Edition

The Plesk Web Admin Edition serves as an ideal starting point into the world of domain management. While it doesn’t have the extended tools and features present in the other editions (more details on them below), it’s perfect for maintaining and managing multiple domains (up to a maximum of 10) simultaneously. You gain easily use the Plesk Power User View control panel to perform a host of tasks, be it deploying content management systems, managing files, configuring databases, to handling email accounts. For instances where you are out and about, you can also use the Plesk Mobile Manager to easily manage your domains right from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. The Plesk Web Admin Edition also doesn’t let you down security-wise —  expect features such as ServerShield by Cloudflare and outbound anti-spam modules to thwart the majority of intrusions.

Plesk Web Pro Edition

For those of you who need more flexibility when it comes to domain management, the Plesk Web Pro Edition should be the perfect deal. It comes with an unprecedented variety of features that lets you easily design, develop, and deploy websites. For example, you gain unrestricted access to WordPress Toolkit, which makes initializing and configuring WordPress on any domain a breeze. Additional UI-related features, such Custom View, make customizing the standard Plesk experience an exercise in convenience. The Plesk Web Pro Edition also provides complete support for subscription and account management, letting you easily monitor users (or customers) remotely. The total number of domains that you can manage is limited to a maximum of 30, but that should be more than enough for most instances. If not, then there’s the Plesk Web Host Edition in store.

Plesk Web Host Edition

The Plesk Web Host Edition offers the absolute pinnacle of web hosting with no limits on the number of domains that you can manage. This makes it ideal for supplying hosting accounts to resellers, and it even features dedicated tools required to easily create and manage reseller plans. Of course, this is in addition to the service plans that you can already offer to direct customers. From a features standpoint, The Plesk Web Host Edition provides you with access to all the user interface tools, user features, and security modules present in the Plesk Web Pro Edition. If you are really interested in creating and managing your own web hosting business, then you are in safe hands. The Plesk Web Host Edition is also fully customizable with a dizzying array of toolkits and features packs, which we will go over briefly below.

Plesk Toolkits

Plesk comes with a number of toolkits that you can easily add onto the three Plesk editions (Admin, Pro, and Host) to bolster functionality. The WordPress Toolkit is the most exciting for most of you out there — it simplifies the entire WordPress installation experience and lets you easily stage and test new features before pushing them out. Then there’s the SEO Toolkit, which should prove to be vital for most of you out there when it comes to creating content that the search engines would actually love. Also present is the Joomla! Toolkit for those of you who prefer an alternate CMS to WordPress — Joomla! not only allows for a much improved user experience, but is also more secure. And if you have servers rented out on Amazon Web Services, then the Amazon Toolkit should come in real handy with its unprecedented ability to install and manage AWS extensions.

Plesk Feature Packs

In addition to the toolkits, you can also make use of several feature packs to boost the overall efficacy of your preferred Plesk hosting edition. Once gain, the WordPress Pack will prove to be the most useful for fans of this extremely popular CMS platform — not only does it turn your entire plesk server into a WordPress manager, but you can also create managed WordPress offers complete with smart updates and dedicated cloud-based backups. The Hosting Pack and Power Packs are two other exciting feature packs from Plesk, which includes a host of features such as Kaspersky Antivirus integration onto mailboxes, DNSSEC support, and PostgreSQL and MSSQL management modules. And for those of you who want to take your business to the next level, the Business and Collaboration Pack as well as the Additional Language Pack should be of massive value.

Absolute Control

It doesn’t matter who you are — whether you are an IT admin, a web developer, a content manager, or a full-fledged hosting service, Plesk is suitable for just about everyone. With up to three separate Plesk Editions (Admin, Pro, and Host), each with their own specific features, complete with multiple toolkits and feature packs, using Plesk can be an incredibly pleasant experience. Compared to alternate web hosting management platforms, Plesk is not only customizable, but also user friendly. So go get your favorite Plesk edition and start managing all aspects of your domains today.

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