Best VPS hosting provider EVER

Best VPS hosting provider EVER

| September 19, 2013

If you are looking for a top notch VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting provider you have now the answer. I have tried several VPS hostings from different companies and honestly i was never been satisfied. Downtimes, lack of support, errors, networking issues and other problems are very frustrating.

Finally i have found Servint, a very reliable web hosting provider with an outstanding support (response time within 1 hour most of the times!).

I was not sure but i decided to moved all the stuff to Servint and i have found (finally!) the solution to all server problems. They offer only a few plans and don’t lie you. What i got is exactly what they claimed and this is very professional to me.

If you have a blog, a website or an Internet business, i highly recommend to go with Servint now.

Their plans:

  • Flex VPS: Fully Managed. All the speed, security and privacy of a dedicated server, at a much lower price.
  • Flex Dedicated: Fully Managed. Powerful Dedicated Servers with flexible, configurable cloud features.
  • Self-Managed: Built and managed in partnership with ServInt for maximum power and flexibility.
  • Java PaaS:  Jelastic. Auto-scaling cloud hosting for any Java app. Cost-effective, and incredibly easy to deploy.

We are on a Flex VPS  and honestly speaking i’m very satisfied with it. I couldn’t find better. Just like a revolution in terms of stability and performance.

If you have a VPS and you are not satisfied with it, it’s time to change  and move to Servint.

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