BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Free 3 months subscription

BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Free 3 months subscription

| March 28, 2011

With the open nature of the Internet, families must safeguard their activities online. BitDefender Internet Security software offers advanced protection against online fraud and identity theft, viruses, hackers andspam, with the latest detection software. Performance enhancing features ensure that automatic scans do not slow down your computer and laptop battery life is saved.

Special features include customisable settings to suit your needs, creating shortcuts to save time and remotely managing features such as ‘parental controls’ from another computer. With our easy-to-understand video guides, smart user tips and improved online technical support, it’s never been as simple to be protected online.

  • Protects your computer from viruses and other malicious software
  • Prevent online fraud and identity theft
  • Stops hackers getting onto your computer
  • Stops people spying on your computer
  • Ensures your personal information stays personal
  • Helps prevent unauthorised access to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Blocks junk email

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