[Contest] 3D PageFlip Standard

[Contest] 3D PageFlip Standard

| June 25, 2013

3D PageFlip is a very intuitive software which you can create books from PDFs which can be added to a website, turned into an .exe or .3dp file which can be opened through a 3D PageFlip Reader app for Windows or Android.


3D PageFlip interface is intuitive which you start up on creating a new 3D PageFlip book or open a recent project if you have already started. After opening up you then will have a choice of the type of project and the template you want to use which 3D PageFlip gives you options on what you can choose from or download some free ones from their online templates.

After selecting the template, then you’ll import the PDF file that you’ll want to use which you can also configure if you want higher quality which would output a larger file size or lower file size but lower quality. After importing you’ll see the output which then you can start changing information around to the way you like it through the options you get.


3D PageFlip interface gives you an easy way to configure your book or manual depends on what type of work you will be doing. The top bar lets you import a new pdf, edit the pages and apply the changes. This also lets you convert the PDF which will convert it to a .html which can be manually added to a website, turn it into a .zip, .exe, .3DP, and you can also upload to their flip book online service. Their .3DP file is good but those that will need to open will have to download their proprietary software on Windows or Android to view files. You can also access your online book service if you registered and uploaded books to their online service and manage your bookcase. The online service lets you share to friends or easily add it to your site without FTP.

3D PageFlip left bar shows you the design settings which you can configure the book title, logo URL, button info, if you want it to be able to be printed, etc. The middle section lets you see how your book looks and if you also clicked on edit pages a pop up will open showing you page by page where you can edit the page out, add links to other pages of the book for instance adding the links from other pages to the Table of Contents so it can be clicked on if in case who is reading book or manual can skip to that particular section.


3D PageFlip is intuitive which after viewing the book or manual online, you can easily view them. You can switch pages easily by mouse or by touch which is made for also being able to be view on a touchscreen device.

Thoughts and Conclusion

3D PageFlip is very good at what it does on converting a PDF file into a book or manual and can easily be used on many devices and be added as an application or be inserted into a web page. 3D PageFlip gives you the tools you need to convert a PDF to what you want without any problems. It is easy to use and imports pdfs as they should be and add new info if needed. Your books/manuals will have a great look with 3D Pageflip which will make your books stand out from rest if adding to your site. Recommend giving it a try at: http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d/

Reviewer: LMANLO

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