[Contest] Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 standard

[Contest] Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 standard

| December 27, 2014

Investintech had introduced Able2Extract PDF converter version 8 as the First Ever Cross-Platform PDF Converter. And now after a long time we have Able2Extract PDF converter Standard version 9 with new and interesting features.

Feature Highlights

  1. Extensive Conversion Options – ranges from Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, to Publisher, AutoCAD and various image formats.
  2. Accurate Conversion
  3. Advanced PDF Recognition
  4. Cross platform on Windows, Mac and Linux

New In Version 9

  1. PDF Creation: Now create professional PDF documents and custom tailor to your needs.
  2. PDF Editing: Customize your PDF by editing metadata such as author, title, keywords and subject lines.
  3. Advanced User Interface Components: Experience a better user interface components.

Below conversions are supported:

Various formats/files to PDF

PDF to Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher)

PDF to OpenOffice


PDF to AutoCAD

PDF to Images such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and GIF

PDF to Text file

Read more on features using the link below:




Upon installation, the first run of the program asks to select either a 7 Day Trial or Activate a license. The interface is very clean, simple yet elegant. The visible options (on the header bar) are Open, Create, Select, Conversion Types, Batch processing, Tell a Friend and Search. Until a document is opened, all options are grayed out, except Open and Create.

The main interface also has Investintech’s twitter and facebook links integrated- not useful though. These links are listed as icons on the footerbar, and you could remove the entire footerbar from View menu>F8.

The interface opens the files in tabbed mode. So at any point of time, you can have multiple files open in separate tabs.

I went ahead and tried to convert a table (from a pdf) to Excel. It presented me two options: Automatic and Custom.


Moreover, there is also an option for conversion to OpenOffice Calc format.



The default Automatic conversion option into Excel is recommended for most conversions into Excel. Under this conversion option, the software algorithm automatically determines the positioning of the Excel columns. In most cases, this will result in perfect alignment within Excel. The Custom option allows the user to make a manual designation as to where the columns of data will be created once converted into Excel. This designation is made visually by the user prior to conversion to Excel. You can also save the custom made template for future/later use.


The converted Excel preserved the table structure very well.



For details on using the PDF To Excel Custom Conversion, please refer the link below:


Another conversion to HTML also provided me a neat file, keeping the original table structure as is.


The “Convert to Word” command has a sub-menu that offers 3 different conversion options listed below:

*Convert to Word – Standard

*Convert to Word – Frames

*Convert to Word – Text Only

The following briefly explains the pros and cons of the various conversion options:

*Standard – The default conversion option will retain background graphics, as a background image in the converted output, and the textual layout using the layout of the original PDF document for guidance. For most documents, this will provide the best looking output in a format that is simple to edit. As such, it is the recommended format for most documents.

*Frames – Under certain circumstances, because the text boxes are designed to correlate with the structural positioning of the original PDF document, it may be possible to generate a more accurate layout than with the Standard conversion selection option.

*Text – The PDF to Word Text Only conversion option will only convert the text portions of selected items. The text will appear as a standard paragraph without special formatting or text boxes in a new word document. This conversion is most useful when preserving the look and feel of the PDF in Word format is not important, but the user desires easy access to the text information.

The Convert to Images option provides a way to convert the PDF page into an image. Below are the options regarding the extracted PDF page image


You can specify the image format that you would like to create. The options provided are: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF and TIFF. Moreover, you can also set the image quality for the output file format. If “Create HTML Gallery” is selected, a HTML page will be created upon conversion, in addition to the image which is created based on the selected file format.

Batch Conversion

A batch conversion feature is also available if you have multiple documents that require conversion. This feature saves us a lot of time. However, you will not be able to pick specific portions (or areas) for conversion, as the Batch tool works only with the whole document.

PDF Conversion & Edit

Introduced in Able2Extract PDF converter version 9, now one can easily create PDF file from any document that too with following features at your disposal:

* Compression- Choose from LZW, JPEG, and ZIP for your images

* Security-Apply passwords and file permissions

* Font & Colors- Specify if you’d like to embed or subset fonts or convert CMYK to RGB

* PDF viewing- Decide how you want your PDF to display when opened

* MS Office conversion- Choose from a number of Office-related options such as retaining hyperlinks, bookmarks, and comments from Office documents



The PDF edit feature allows one to Move, Resize, Scale, Delete and Rotate the page(s) in a PDF file.



Support for saving the converted files to MS Office 2003 version

Able2Extract 9 can convert to .doc, .ppt, .xls (Word 2003) when this version is installed on the user’s computer. A simple setting (View->Conversion Options) enables user to save in MS 2003 format.



The Word conversion output offers 3 different output formats when converting a PDF to Word. The user can select any one of the following 3 options:

Default: Using this setting on the Windows platform will result in the Able2Extract to automatically detecting which version of Word is installed on the machine and then save the converted Word document into the applicable format – .docx or .doc.

RTF: Choosing this setting means that all conversion that are made from PDF to Word will be saved in the rich text format (.rtf) extension.

Word 2007: Using this setting means that all documents converted into Word will be saved as .docx regardless of which version of Word is installed.


  1. User-friendly, clean, simple, and professional interface.
  2. Ability to create and edit PDF documents.
  3. Batch conversion ability.
  4. Ability to convert an entire document, selected pages, or even a certain area/lines of a page.
  5. Ability to convert PDF, HTML, and text files.
  6. Cross platform to support Windows, Mac and Linux.
  7. Fast conversion.
  8. 3-Step simple conversion process.
  9. Supports conversion to Open Source Formats such as Calc, Writer and Impress.
  10. Ability to customize the conversion to Excel format.
  11. Does not require Adobe Acrobat or any PDF application to work with.
  12. Balloon tips to provide step by step instructions and guide users through the conversion process. (It’s enabled by default. Experienced users may choose to disable the same from Help Menu)
  13. Support for saving the converted files to MS Office 2003 and older version such as doc/ppt/xls.


  1. Anti-spam human verification test required for Batch conversion.
  2. High on price.
  3. Unavailability of Custom option for OpenOffice Calc, similar to the one available for Microsoft Excel.


Able2Extract PDF converter Standard is an excellent PDF program for users of all skill levels. One can quickly and easily convert any PDF file into various formats with accuracy. It only takes 3 steps to perform a conversion, and is therefore extremely easy to use. Additionally, one can also convert to-PDF any file and from any application, using either the virtual PDF printer or from the Able2Extract interface.

The simple interface, intuitive commands and navigational options at the top, along with step by step balloon tips makes it a child’s play to do a conversion. Furthermore, you may also want to refer various useful articles related to PDF by visiting the link below:


In my testing, I got very accurate converted files. A 7 day free trial with 3 files conversion limit could be accessed via the link below. I’m sure you will like this latest version.


Reviewer: grr

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