[Contest] Advanced SystemCare 4.1

[Contest] Advanced SystemCare 4.1

| September 26, 2011

Is your pc suffering with Slow Computer Syndrome, like slow boot up, frequent system crashes and continual hangs? Then I will suggest you to continue reading this article, because I will soon reveal a tool that will help you overcome such circumstances.

Slow pc is a nightmare, especially to those who spend most of their time online. And honestly speaking, we all have faced that at some point of time. So to counter that we get many system maintenance and optimization tools. But question may arise, out of the whole bunch of system utility tools available, which one to choose. I must say choosing them can be a bit tricky because a false tool or a malfunctioned one can seriously harm the system. So today I will talk about one such system optimization tool which is not only good but certainly one of the best available. It is Advanced System Care.

Advanced system care is one of the most powerful and complete optimization tool. It comes with more than 20 separate tools to fully optimize and maintain the pc. This all-in-one utility can really clean up all junks and speed up the pc in just one click.

Advanced system care is indeed a feature rich pc system utility. It has a vast number of tools with which you can effectively speed up your pc and maintain it to optimum level. Here I will mention few notable features of Advanced System Care.

Quick care- This is like a complete pc care with just a single click. Once selected it scans various segments of the pc and report whether anything unwanted or any problem is found. It scans for malwares, registry problems, invalid shortcuts, browser history and junk files. The good thing is that you can select or deselect any of the options and before scanning you can even change the settings of each option. The scan time is pretty quick and it is an added advantage. After the scan, if any unwanted stuffs are found or if any problems are detected then it can fixed with just a single click.

Deep care- This is almost same as the quick care but it does have few extra options. Infact it does a more thorough scan than the quick care. System optimization, passive defense, disk scan, vulnerability fix and disk defragment are the extras added to deep care. Deep care will thoroughly scan all these areas and report for problems. Since it’s a thorough scan, it will take bit longer to perform than a quick care. As like quick care, here also you can select or deselect any of the options.

Turbo Boost- This is one of the top feature of Advanced System care. This feature will help you optimize your pc and speed up by temporarily shutting down unnecessary processes and services, cleaning ram and intensifying processor performance. It is very effective for those who are suffering with slow systems. When this option is selected a configuration wizard will start and you need to configure according to your need. The wizard is not much complicated and can be easily configured. It is basically divided into three sections- system services, background application and themes. In each of the section you just need to enable or disable unnecessary entries. Once completed you can start the Turbo Boost and it will really speed up and enhance your system.

Toolbox- Advanced System Care toolbox contains more than 20 separate system tools to optimize and maintain your system. It has powerful and comprehensive set of tools to deal with almost all kind of problems. The toolbox is divided into five segments each having respective tools. The five segments are clean, optimize, repair, security and control.
The clean section has various cleaning tools like registry cleaner, privacy sweeper, uninstaller, disk cleaner and file shredder. All the tools in this section are pretty useful. The registry cleaner perfectly scans the registry and clears all the invalid entries. The disk cleaner also does a good job to clean disk drives to increase the space.

The optimize section has smart ram, internet booster, startup manager, registry defrag, smart defrag and game booster. In this section the game booster need to be downloaded separately. Recently Iobit released game booster 3.0 with more enhanced features. This is surely one handy tool for all the gamers. The repair section contains undelete, shortcut fixer, disk doctor, win fix and IE helper.

The security segment has four tools which deals with system security. The notable of them is Iobit malware fighter. This application has to be downloaded separately. This is actually quite a well know tool to remove various malware, spyware etc. This is quite effective and a very good addition to Advanced System Care toolbox.

The control section is also filled with various utility tools like cloned file scanner, disk explorer, system information, empty folder scanner etc. The cloned file scanner and the empty folder scanner is quite a useful tool to remove the unnecessary duplicate files and empty folders. Here I have just touched upon the basic features of Advanced System Care. There are much more than just what I have mentioned. To really benefit from it you need to install it and check it on your own. Advanced System care comes in 2 flavors, free and pro. The pro version adds few extra tools to the free

Summary and Verdict:

Advanced System Care is certainly one of the most comprehensive software for system utilities. It has more than 20 utility tools which serve different purpose. The quick care and deep care certainly adds up to its advantage. It is user friendly and any novice can handle it without much trouble. Not only it is one of the most powerful and complete system utility but it is also well organized and easy to use. Though it is packed with feature rich tools there are few tools which aren’t as efficient as others. This is probably the only thing which I found need to be improved in this application, and I
hope in the coming versions those get better.

Review by amazingAG

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