[Contest] Advanced TIFF Editor

[Contest] Advanced TIFF Editor

| April 13, 2013

Would it grab your attention if I said that Advanced TIFF Editor is a novel program that allows you to view, edit, print and convert multi-page TIFF files as well as a number of other graphic image formats? What if emphasized the keyword “multi-page” and then mentioned that Adobe Photoshop can only open the first page? Of course, there are some work-around methods to view and edit multi-page TIFFs, but why mess with them when this excellent tool from Graphic Region Development can do the job so simply and powerfully?

If you take a look at their Testimonals page, you’ll notice that Advanced TIFF Editor has been a godsend to folks who deal with multi-page fax and scanned documents which are often saved in TIFF format. And since it supports both TWAIN and WIA drivers you can use it to acquire images from both scanners and cameras.

What I found really interesting is the wide variety of common image formats it supports, such as, .jpg, .bmp, .ico, .pcx, .png, .wmf, .tga and .eml. And in addition, it can view, edit and convert PDF, FAX , PS (postscript), EPS (encapsulated postscript), PSD (Photoshop) and AI (Illustrator) files among others! A very handy program to have if you ask me.

Before I proceed with the hands-on portion of this review, here’s a brief outline of the program’s features. (For full details, visit their main page.)

  • Supports a wide variety of single page and multi-page image formats at color depths from 1-bit all the way up to 24-bit.
  • Conversion (saving) any image it can open to 18 different formats including FAX, PDF, TIFF, PGN, JPEG, PS, EPS and DCX.
  • Image Editing, including resizing, noise reduction, color-depth reduction, skew correction, changing image resolution, encryption and drawing tools.
  • Advanced Annotation tools, Multi-Page Image Manipulation and Batch Processing.
  • Image Acquisition from scanners and camera, Text Recognition OCR and other highly useful tools including a Virtual TIFF Printer.

When I downloaded and installed the 30-day trial I was first greeted with a dialog giving me a choice between Standard and Custom installations. If you are installing this on a 64-bit OS like I did, you will want to choose Custom and uncheck installing the Virtual Printer since setup only offers the 32-bit version. Just to be thorough I tried installing and got an error for my trouble and then did a clean reinstall. But as you can see from the screenshot below, it does let you know you can easily install the 64-bit version after installation.


The second option is for GhostScript which is an open source Postscript interpreter. You definitely want to install this so you use Advanced TIFF Editor to handle PDFs and some of you will want to be able to use it on PS, EPS and AI files tool. You install the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS without problem or you can download and install the 64-bit later.

After unchecking the box for the virtual printer, installation proceeded quickly. I was greeted with a choice of activating the program or just give it a try. You’ll note from the screenshot below that it looks like Advanced TIFF Editor uses a hardware footprint for the activation process. A look at the online FAQ bears this out. There’s even a link there to another page which provides step-by-step instructions covering a number of activation and deactivation scenarios.


The first thing I did then was to search my system for a multi-page TIFF image. I haven’t dealt with scanned documents or faxes recently, but I did find one that was left over from an iTunes installation. It turned out to be an icon file containing 7 different sizes. Since that’s a copyrighted image, I kept looking and found a 2 page TIFF file for which I own the rights . As you’ll notice from the screenshot below, it’s a photo of a custom t-shirt where the second page is actually a thumbnail. You’ll also notice a wide range of tools and menus are available.


After happily and successfully trying out the various tools, it was time to install the 64-bit version of the virtual printer by accessing the Setting menu which you see can below:


I did encounter difficulty with the download button, but clicking on “Problems with downloading” allowed me to download the 64-bit version without any problem and then successfully install it. Afterwards, I found I had another printer available to all my programs. It works just like a virtual PDF printer does but outputs to TIFF with a variety of options. This can be quite useful since TIFF is an excellent and well-established format for commercial printing and is supported by a wide variety of operating systems.

Next I pulled up a PDF I had created of a recent software review I wrote for Tipradar. One thing to keep in mind is that Advanced TIFF Editor flattens the image files it opens. I found this to be true with TIFFs which like PDS files can contain layers. One thing that surprised and pleased me was the variety selection tools the program offers. As you can see below, I used “Magic Wand” to select a portion of an image in one page.


Finally, I wanted to see if it really could open and edit a EPS file since this is a common format used by high-end vector graphic editing and desktop publishing programs. As you can see below, I found an excellent EPS file included with GhostScript and quickly and easily added some text to it.


During my testing I found Advanced TIFF Editor to be a nicely crafted and polished tool. The only thing I disliked is that it only has one level of “undo.” Just something you need to keep in mind if you’ve been otherwise spoiled by other image editing programs. Although I didn’t try it, the program can also handle editing animated GIFs which contain several pages of an image with sequential differences. Very handy indeed. When you add in the virtual printer and it’s PDF editing capacities, Advanced TIFF Editor is definitely a good program to have in your image editing toolbox. And if you have need of editing FAX or scanned documents, you seriously owe it to yourself to try the 30-day trial.

Reviewer: Jelson

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