[Contest] Anvi Smart Defender PRO

[Contest] Anvi Smart Defender PRO [Forum Exclusive]

| July 31, 2012

Anvi Smart Defender is a great Anti-Malware software. Scans times are quite good and using this beside your anti-virus software is good. It has a great detection engine which is really good as you would have a great anti-malware that you’ll be able to use. Has features that keeps you guarded while you are using your computer and should help prevent malware.


Installation is quick and fast, no extra add-ons are installed and only the Anvi Smart Defender. Only took around 4 steps to install this and the installation was fast and you are able to get started on using you Anvi Smart Defender to scan for malware.


Anvi Smart Defender main interface is nice and clean which when you start up the program, you’ll see a quick scan, full scan, and custom scan which you can select what you want to scan. Quick scan is quite quick which takes around 10 minutes or less depending on how much stuff you have on your hard drive. Full scan can take around 1 hour. The main interface you can also see the status of when the last update was ad what engine it is running. The cloud scan is where you can drop a file to be scanned or you can have it select files it doesn’t know and send it to be analyzed. The guard is where you’ll see the real time protection which runs in the background, Anvi Smart Defender does not interrupt you and if it does find something a small menu will pop up with delete and trust with a 20 second timer to delete. The Optimize tab is where you’ll select what you want to optimize or you can do all, the selection are system optimize, registry fix, privacy cleaner, memory sweep, and disk defragment. The last tab, the toolbox, which allows you to use the cloud system booster which speeds up the system by cleaning up junk files, registry, and optimizing system. Also has an Anvi Ad blocker which will help in blocking malicious ads, pop-ups and harmful sites. The last thing is the Windows Update downloader which will download any windows update if in case you would like to use Anvi Smart Defender to scan for windows update.

Anvi Smart Defender settings straightforward where you can change what you want it to scan. Settings menu you can change the scan options if you want it to scan file system, scan registry, and scan memory objects as well as scan zip files and scan rootkits. You can set up the optimize option if you don’t want it to optimize some items from system, registry clean and privacy clean. You can set up a schedule from the settings menu to scan daily, also schedule updates and configure proxy. The settings will be a place that you’ll check the quarantine and where you’ll put in the ignore folders or files if in case if you don’t want it to scan a specific place or file. Last object from the settings is the user interface where you’ll set up the language.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Anvi Smart Defender is really good anti-malware which runs nicely with any anti-virus software and does not get in the way. It has a great detection engine which has work fantastic in finding malwares that I’ve thrown at it. It also does a good job at using one of the features the Anvi Ad Blocker which does block harmful sites.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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