[Contest] ArtPuzzle HD for iPad

[Contest] ArtPuzzle HD for iPad

| April 14, 2011

The app has a lovely interface that will bring you the experience of visiting a real art museum walking through 4 different art galleries. By completing each puzzle you will be able to admire another wonderful art masterpiece, save it to your Photo Albums and use as wallpapers.

While you are browsing through art galleries and solving puzzles you will hear a selection of beautiful music that will make your experience even more pleasant and relaxing. (You can always turn the music off from the app if you prefer to listen to your own music or just need a bit of quietness)

If 80 paintings are not enough for you, you can also purchase additional art galleries from the app via in-app purchases:
– ‘Van Gogh Gallery’ – with 20 gorgeous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh
– ‘Gauguin Gallery’ – containing 20 fabulous masterpieces from Paul Gauguin
– ‘Renoir Gallery’ – a selection of 20 wonderful paintings of Pierre-Augustine Renoir.
– ‘Edgar Degas Gallery’ – great collection of 20 beautiful works of Edgar Degas.
– ‘Leonardo & Raphael Gallery’ – Wonderful selection of 20 brilliant works of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

5 licenses available at thedailybuggle.com

If you want to participate, you need to apply there.

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