[Contest] Atlantis Word Processor [Forum exclusive]

[Contest] Atlantis Word Processor [Forum exclusive]

| July 19, 2012

Atlantis is word processor that is suitable for most day-to-day word processing tasks. It supports all the standard text formatting features as well as Auto-Correct and spell cheking as you type. The interface is easy to use and offers customizable toolbars, hotkeys and sound effects .
It includes a clip library for quick access to frequently used text snippets or images, font formatting previews, and many other features aimed to improve your workflow.


System Requirements:
No special requirements
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or higher.

Atlantis Word Processor has almost all the features
– Power Type
Atlantis features a typing assist – Power Type. Working in close cooperation with the Atlantis spellcheckers, Power Type collects statistical information about text that you type, creating an ordered database of the words that you use most. When you start typing the same words again, a small window pops up with a warning sound, displaying a list of words beginning with the same characters. Very often, you will only have to press Enter to insert the suggestion highlighted by Power Type. In other instances, you will need to select the appropriate word from the list first, then press Enter to insert the highlighted word.
If you are a beginner or slow typist, the Atlantis Power Type will help you type documents in less time with less effort. But Power Type will also prove useful to advanced users: Power Type can be configured to suggest not only individual words but entire collocations and phrases. Users can register custom sets of phrases and collocations with Power Type. The Power Type suggestions will be all the more appropriate.

– Printing and ePublication features
Besides the traditional printing features, Atlantis offers a whole array of advanced printing capabilities.
Documents can be printed with a specific zooming factor even when the document page size and the actual paper format do not match.
Multiple-page documents can be printed on one single sheet of paper.
Documents can be printed in two-sided mode on any printer, even on printers which do not have such built-in capability. This will save paper and print more compact versions of your documents.
You can even create and print various types of booklets, including pocket-size booklets.
Finally, instead of printing your documents, you can save them to the PDF or eBook format and publish them in electronic form.

– Proofing tools
The advanced spellchecker of Atlantis will detect and report any potential misspellings in your documents. Spellchecking can be run either at your request after typing, or, most conveniently, As-You-Type.
Extremely fast and powerful, the Atlantis spellchecker has support for the British and American English dialects, and for a great variety of other languages. It will automatically check hyphenated compounds, abbreviations and collocations, make appropriate suggestions whenever a misspelling or mistype is detected. Do not doubt it. The Atlantis spellchecker will prove to be invaluable in the creation of error-free documents.
The Atlantis AutoCorrect feature will automatically take care of punctuation signs, typical misspellings, common syntax mistakes.
The Overused Words feature will help creative writers avoid repetitions and clich?s.
Finally, Atlantis has tools for fully automatic or semi-automatic hyphenation of the document end-of-lines.

– Control Board
The Atlantis Control Board brings together all the word processing tools and commands required to design and manage most document components. It is a very convenient set of tabbed panels, each panel offering a separate overview of the document Headings, Bookmarks, Sections, Styles, and Lists. What’s more, each panel has its own dedicated toolbar with all the commands necessary to deal with the corresponding document characteristic.
So you will use the Atlantis Control Board to perform traditional word processing operations on your documents in the most practical way.
But the Atlantis Control Board has other capabilities unheard-of in other word processors. As you might know, lists created in other software often get wrong numbering. This can easily be fixed in Atlantis, using specific commands from the Lists panel of the Control Board. The Atlantis Control Board will also display all the properties of the document sections, including some that are not shown in other word processors. This is not just a gimmick. You will be able to better understand how headers and footers, section breaks, etc, are inter-related and can be managed.

– Security
Any confidential information, whether private or professional that you might have, can be securely protected using the encryption abilities of Atlantis.
Encryption takes place when you scramble a document with a password and only people with the correct password can open that document, nobody else.
Encryption in Atlantis is very secure. Atlantis uses 256-bit keys to create documents in a proprietary encrypted COD file format. It would take hackers billions and billions of years, and all the computers of the world, before any of them could crack an Atlantis-encrypted document. A good password is the only thing you need to create secured documents in Atlantis.
Note that Atlantis never stores or saves unencrypted fragments of encrypted documents to your hard drive. All such unencrypted information is temporarily stored in memory and is lost as soon as your computer is powered down. Only encrypted information is saved to the hard drive as a COD file.

– Safety
Losing hours of hard work through computer breakdowns is always most unpleasant. Sometimes, the lost documents cannot even be re-created.
To protect you against such mishaps, Atlantis has a Safeguard feature. Atlantis protects your documents against system failures and accidental shutdowns by creating Safe Copies of them at regular intervals.
In addition to this, Atlantis has a Backup Files feature. When this feature is enabled, Atlantis creates automatic and regular backups of all open documents. Successive versions of each document are saved to a special folder. In this way, you will always be able to go back to earlier versions of any document, for example when you made undesirable changes to a document, and saved it.

The new in this version:
This version of Atlantis Word Processor is a minor release with a number of changes and improvements to the
1- eBook-related changes
When you created an eBook with a cover picture in previous versions of Atlantis, you had to place a portrait-oriented image in a dedicated paragraph at the beginning of the source document. Starting with this new release of Atlantis, specifying cover pictures for your eBooks will be much easier.
The “Save as eBook” dialog of Atlantis now has a new “Cover image” box

When you save a document as eBook, Atlantis automatically identifies any picture located at the top of the document as a potential cover image. But the document might contain other images, and you might want to use one of them as the cover image of your eBook. You only need to choose the desired image from the “Cover image” drop-down list.

2- Miscellaneous changes
An improvement to the “Save cursor position” feature (the “Load / Save” tab of the “Tools | Options…” dialog). Now Atlantis can save cursor position to documents in the DOC format too.
The “Use Document Folder” option on the “Load / Save” tab of the “Tools | Options…” dialog:

has been replaced with the “Suggest saving documents to” option:

Previously, when the “Use Document Folder” box was checked, and you called the “Open Document” or “Save Document As…” dialogs, Atlantis automatically opened your “Document Folder” for browsing. When this option was off, the most recent directory was opened for browsing.

Atlantis will be the perfect companion for a wide range of your word processing, text editor , text processor , text format , rtf format , document format ,template , clipart , picture , office , home , letter writing , spelling ,encryption , system utilities , text/document editors.

Reviewer: justin

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