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[Contest] Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto [Forum Exclusive]

| July 25, 2012

Bits&Coffee Batch Photo is a batch photo editing which lets you enhance, convert and more quickly. Let’s you edit and convert a batch of photos in easy steps.


Installation is easy and quick, does not try to add extra add-ons just asks to accept the terms and conditions and if you want to add a desktop icon. Installation is finished within one minute.

After Installation

After installation, a welcome screen will open up letting you watch tutorial videos and get to know the software. You’ll come up in the main screen where on the left is the wizard step where it’ll take you step by step on batch photo processing.


Bits&Coffee Batch Photo is an easy to use, you will select the photos that you’ll like to batch process in one time. After you select your photos you’ll click on edit photos that will let you edit the photos to what you want from adding a watermark, effects, touch-up, transform, decorations, and annotate. There’s plenty to choose and this makes it easy to do it for many photos which you won’t have to do one by one. After you finish editing your photos you’ll then select the Setup from the wizard steps and from there you can convert it to whichever format you want, it has supported formats from JPEG, PDF, GIF, BMP, etc. You are able to output it to any folder you choose and by default it is setup to keep originals (this can be changed in the settings). You are also able to keep the same output of the photo’s date and attributes. When you are finished you then click on process which the processing is quick and takes advantage of your processors, so if you have 4 CPU cores it’ll use it to go quick.

More features here


If you like to edit photos around the same or add watermark to all your photos Batch Photo makes it easy to do it. It’s quick and easy to use, keeps the original resolution and will batch process real quickly. It’ll save you time from doing one photo at a time.

Download Links

A good news for all the Mac OS X users as BatchPhoto is now also available for Mac OS X.

Download for Windows/PC

Download for Mac OS X

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