[Contest] Comodo Internet Security Pro

[Contest] Comodo Internet Security Pro

| March 25, 2014

COMODO Internet Security 6 is a great security product for your PC. It comes with many great features that will increase your PC’s security to the max.
Exploring the Feature  & Antivirus and Firewall

COMODO Internet Security 6 includes an antivirus and firewall like no other security product. Its antivirus module uses real-time scanning optimizations for maximum security combined with maximum performance. This method avoids on-access scanning, which scans each and every file, even if it was never changed, moved, etc., which is very tedious and will do more harm to your system than good. This scanning optimization only scans the files it needs to, so your PC’s performance will be top-notch!


Its firewall can be configured to become interactive, and will ask the user if any unsafe application wants to connect to the internet, or to any other computer. This way, your PC’s network will be under your control. Safe processes are automatically allowed, so you won’t have to waste time with all processes. Also, the firewall can filter IPV6 addresses, which many other firewalls can’t. Lastly, “stealth ports” can make your computer hidden from incoming connections.


Background Tasks

COMODO Internet Security 6 allows you to do a task (scan, update, etc.) in the background, which means it runs silently, without showing the GUI and reducing your system’s performance. This way, automatic updates and scans will not bother you while you work or play.


COMODO Internet Security 6’s new scanning technology allows it to scan at top speed, faster than any other competitor. Also, the quick scan scans only the files it needs to, so you can check your PC quickly and still stay safe. As stated above, sending tasks to the background brings your PC’s performance back up.

HIPS Technology

Being one of the only products that ever included this feature, COMODO Internet Security 6’s HIPS technology asks the user what to do if a suspicious file on one’s system is trying to do something. For example, if an unknown file is trying to run another unknown file, COMODO Internet Security 6 asks the user if they wanted to allow the process, block the process, block and terminate the process, etc. This feature will allow your PC to stay under your control. Also, safe processes (trusted by COMODO) are automatically allowed, so you only have to filter the unsafe ones, not all the processes, which will take a lot of time.


Virtualization Technology

Being the ONLY security product that comes with this feature, COMODO Internet Security 6’s virtualization technology allows unsafe processes to be automatically run in a “sandbox”. When processes are run in a “sandbox”, it has no direct contact with your real system, which will separate it from your system. This way, viruses cannot edit files on your system, create new ones, edit your system’s memory, etc. You can choose the security level of the “automatic-sandboxer” (the Behavior Blocker), so applications can be sandboxed as partially-limited, limited, restricted, untrusted, blocked, disabled, or fully virtualized. The virtual desktop in COMODO Internet Security 6 gives the user a secure desktop environment, so anything that is run inside it has no contact with the real system. Viruses run from the secure desktop are automatically sent to COMODO’s labs for analysis, so new threats can be detected quickly. You can erase all malicious content from the sandbox (reset it) if needed.



Most importantly, COMODO Internet Security 6 is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Even though some features cost money, the rest are FREE. This makes COMODO Internet Security 6 the best FREE product in the market today! Even the firewall is FREE, something that almost no other companies provide!


Exploring the GUI

The Main Screen

After setting everything up and launching the application, you will see this screen:


This is the main menu of COMODO Internet Security 6. It’s smooth and navigable interface makes it very easy for one to do certain tasks. On the top left you see a “settings” button. Once you click on it, this screen appears:


This is COMODO Internet Security 6’s “Advanced View”. This allows you to configure many modules right on the same screen.

The antivirus configuration is currently “stateful”. Click on it, and a dropdown menu will appear. You may then configure the settings. You may also click on the Auto-Sandbox’s configuration, HIPS’s, and the Firewall’s. This simplifies the process of changing certain quick settings. If you click on the recent update status, it will bring up the update menu so you can update your security databases. Click on the statistics of detected threats, blocked intrusions, unrecognized files, sandboxed apps, or network intrusions to bring up this application’s log of all the events. Click on the inbound or outbound information to see the applications currently connected to the internet. Drag and drop ino the “Scan Objects” box to scan everything you droppped inside it.

Now going back to the main screen (the top left button), you can also see some easy settings to configure. Click on Real-Time Protection’s status to change the status (turn on or off) of protection modules (firewall, auto-sandbox, antivirus). Click on the update status to update your application, and drag and drop into the box on the left to scan applications with it. You can also click on the arrow to flip it. Then, you can drag and drop applications into it to run it inside COMODO Internet Security 6’s sandbox.

The bar you see on the bottom is the “Task Bar”. You can drag boxes around, and even add more to the list. You’ll learn how shortly.

Tasks Section

On the top right you will see a “Tasks” button with an arrow. Click on it, and you will be transported to the “back” of the application. Here, you can click on buttons to run certain tasks.


In the “General Tasks” section, you can scan your computer, update your computer, view the quarantine, view logs, and view current application (internet) connection statistics.

When you click on “Firewall Tasks”, you will be brought to a new section. In this section, you can allow or block an application to connect to the internet, manage network activity on your PC, stop all network activity (in and out) on your PC, manage “stealth ports” (either alerts you or blocks incoming connection so your computer can be hidden from the network), or configure advanced firewall settings.

In the “Sandbox Tasks” section, you can run COMODO Internet Security 6’s virtual desktop, run an application sandboxed, reset all data in the sandbox (from sandboxed malware’s activity), open the shared space (the folder that is shared between you and the virtual desktop), or configure advanced sandbox settings.

In the “Advanced Tasks” section, you can create a rescue disk, submit malware (or false-positives, files accidentally detected as malicious) to COMODO’s labs, run COMODO Killswitch (COMODO’s task manager, like Window’s task manager but better), run the cleaner (an advanced cleaner that cleans the deepest rootkits and viruses and hidden registry values), open task manager (view COMODO’s running tasks), or configure all of the application’s settings.

Right click on any button and select “Add to Task Bar” to add it to the task bar.

On the top, you will see the application’s status (in the case above it says “secure”). Click on it and you will go back to the main screen. You can also click on “Home” (with the arrow) on the top right corner to go back.

Advanced Settings

On the settings menu you can configure various application settings.


These settings are pretty self-explanatory. The GUI is easy to navigate.


On the top right corner there are a few buttons. When you click on the mobile phone, it will pop up a menu that will show you a QR code and a website link to get COMODO’s mobile products. If you click on the picture with the three circles, it will allow you to share COMODO with your friends. The question mark will show you a drop down menu with more tools for help or support. If you click on the person, it will open up GeekBuddy live chat/remote desktop support from COMODO for advanced support (this feature costs money).

Reviewer: Advanced Skill


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