[Contest] eM Client 3 PRO !

[Contest] eM Client 3 PRO !

| August 2, 2011

eM Client integrates E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and much more. eM Client delivers the most comprehensive calendar interfaces on the market, giving users the ability to simultaneously view multiple calendars from multiple sources. eM Client is optimized to fully synchronize with Gmail or any other mail server. eM Client supports full import from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. You can backup or synchronize all your e-mails, contacts, calendars and tasks on-line or to any mobile device using Active Sync.

Main features:

Windows 7, Vista and XP support

eM Client has been fully optimized to run smoothly on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.

Full support for all email servers and services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…)
Synchronize your e-mails (IMAP/POP3) or even Calendars and Contacts with various servers and services.

Import accounts, emails, events, tasks and contacts from your old email client.
import import eM Client supports import from various email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

Full featured Calendar interface
eventDialog weekView eM Client allows you to have multiple calendars and synchronize them with Gmail or your Mobile device.

eM Client supports all standard protocols
eM Client fully supports standard email protocols SMTP, IMAP, POP3 including secured

Fully secure communication (SSL/TLS)
eM Client provides highest communication security over the Internet.

Sign and encrypt your messages (S/MIME)
S/MIME technology is used for authentication, message integrity and digital signatures.

Super-fast full-text search
eM Client is equipped with one of the fastest search engines on the market. It instantly allows you to find a message or attachment among hundred thousands.

Signatures and templates
You can use your custom e-mail stationary, signatures and templates.

Categories/Tags for messages
Organize your messages into different categories.

Global folders and search folders
Global folders (Inbox, Sent, Unread…) aggregates messages from all your accounts

E-mail Rules
Automate recurring tasks with rules to save time.

Automatic account setup
Your email account set up has never been easier. Simply type in your email and password and eM Client takes care of the rest.

Translate messages to other languages directly inside your e-mail editor
Google Translate engine is fully integrated in eM client.

Full featured calendar Interface
Track events and appointments, use multiple calendar views, customizable functionality to meet your needs.

eM Client allows you to share calendars and tasks
Synchronize your calendars with many servers/services like Gmail, Zimbra, Yahoo, Apple Server or Oracle (using CalDAV).

Various calendar views
Day view, Week View, Work Week View, Month View and Agenda View.

Google Calendar Synchronization
Automatically synchronize your calendar using your Gmail account.

Full-text search in events and tasks
Use eM Client’s super fast search to find important events and tasks in your calendar.

Invite to events or confirm attending a meeting (IMIP/ITIP)
eM Client’s calendar fully supports sharing calendars with your friends and colleagues

Schedule meetings using Free/busy
eM Client’s calendar supports standard way how to show you free-busy view to simplify meeting planning.

Custom contact views
View your contacts in different modes such as Phone List, By Company, By Location, Business Cards or Custom View.

Share your contacts with others
eM Client allows full contacts synchronization using Sync2eM service or many different servers like Zimbra, Apple Server or Oracle BeHive (using CardDAV)

Synchronize your contacts with Gmail
eM Client fully synchronizes your Gmail contacts

Organize your contacts in folders and categories
Categorize your contacts into folders and categories for easier and faster contact organization.

Support for ICQ, MSN, Facebook chat, Yahoo chat, AOL and others

Add multiple IM accounts
Chat with contacts from multiple networks using eM Client as a single interface.

Full XMPP (Jabber) protocol support
eM Client uses standard XMPP protocol to provide Instant Messaging functionality.

Contact roster detachable to separate window
Display your contacts in a separate floating window to see who’s on-line at all times.

Advanced import from MS Outlook
Import accounts, emails, events, tasks, contacts, distribution lists from MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Import from MS Outlook Express
Import contacts and emails from MS Outlook Express.

Import from MS Windows Mail
Import accounts, contacts and emails from MS Windows Mail.

Import from MS Windows Live Mail
Import accounts, contacts and emails from MS Windows Live Mail.

Import from Mozilla Thunderbird
Import accounts, contacts and emails from Mozilla Thunderbird.

Import .eml files
Import emails from standard .eml format.

Import from The Bat!
Import emails from The Bat!.

Import events from iCalendar (.ics)
Import events from standard iCalendar format.

Import contacts from vCard (.vcf)
Import contacts from standard vCard format.

Import contacts from CSV (.csv)
Import contacts from standard Comma Separated Value format.

Import contacts from Facebook
Import contact information from your Facebook account.

Customizable Widgets

eM Client’s widget system allows you to have quick access to your internet or intranet applications directly from eM Client.

RSS Widget
Make eM Client your default RSS reader. Subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds from all over the world.

Skype integration
See who’s on-line and call your contacts from eM Client.

Multi-language support

In cooperation with eM Client (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 10 licenses of  eM Client 3 Pro, worth $49.95 each.

To get the chance to win:

1 – submit a comment to this post with a valid email address (will be used to send the license)

2 – subscribe to our email Feeds

3 – (optional but very appreciated) follow us on twitter or facebook.

We would be happy if you could share this giveaway. Thank you.

Winners will be selected using random.org

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