[Contest] Emsisoft Online Armor [Forum Exclusive]

[Contest] Emsisoft Online Armor [Forum Exclusive]

| February 1, 2013

Install : Languages available – English ,Dutch ,Spanish, French , Italian, German, Russian , Polish
It performed a security scan , then product update, then scanned my autoruns.

After rebooting it went straight into Learning Mode with 2 new Icons in My task-bar:

One of the Icons is the Graph in real time of processes and connections :

Right Clicking the Shield in the Taskbar brought up some nice options

Double Clicking the Shield brought up the main interface with a wealth of options far too many to go into so I’ll concentrated on the newer aspects of Online Armor. The following Modes could be started from right clicking the Shield Icon in the system tray or direct from the main interface.

In all Modes:
A Legend option for change colors.
A backup and restore your Online Armor settings – nice !
Hosts file checking which monitors attempt changes to the Host file – another nice touch
In options Hotkeys where you can set nearly everything from a keyboard combination
Exclusions – Can be found in options

Standard Mode : Very useful for simple settings where you don’t want to be tweaking your Firewall and programs a great deal plus connections pop and ask if you will to stop , trust, examine them etc (you can turn these off , if you so desire)

Advanced Mode : I could spend a week in here tweaking . This Mode showed the Registry options where I could add rules, add groups delete , edit to the registry. I could also activate File shield and Registry shield – protecting both. These are a good option to tick if your not playing with your registry and files.

Banking Mode (DNS Spoofing Protection): Didn’t show any new options so I thought I’dd test if my Bank is listed as a trusted site . It blocked me and I had to go and read the comprehensive help (it has offline and online help) . A quick adding my bank to the trusted domain , back into standard or Advanced Mode and right click it in Domain and click learn . It then opened up my bank in a https secure connection with an internal Browser, I did my banking and closed it down again.
More info on Banking Mode and DNS spoofing here : DNS Spoofing protection

Anti-Keylogger : The picture speaks for itself

Autoruns Management : Once again the picture is self explanatory . You can block anything from auto-running at boot time. Or even delete it if your very brave or crazy!

From a Company that wins international awards for best detection rates and cutting-edge products
this is an impressive tool packed Firewall .

Conclusion : This is an ‘all singing and dancing Firewall’ with huge amount of control over everything that tries to do anything on your PC. Or it’s a simple Firewall that works by learning . You have the choice . Host Files Checking , Keylogger detection, Files and Registry editing, the Backup option, Banking Security all very nice additions to this Firewall. It had no problems with VPN use and no issues with my DNS having being changed.

One thing I would advise is to add the whole programs folder to your AV exceptions and your AV to Online Armors exceptions prevent any conflict ,though it ran well with SAS and M$ Security Essentials still running plus a host of other stuff.

Reviewer: CyberSpaced

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