[Contest] ESET Mobile Security

[Contest] ESET Mobile Security

| April 17, 2014

The mobile is very important device for us we use a mobile more than it’s to store data, image, videos and many personal information in it, but we never think is my mobile affected by the viruses to not?, and how we can know this without test with a good mobile antivirus.

Many mobile securities available on the internet and Google play. We think why we should pay for a little device I mean for “mobile” and which antivirus is best for our mobile free or paid and what the deference between free or paid and that is difficult for take the decision.

Today I am going to suggest a good mobile antivirus for you, which is very famous on the internet market
Eset mobile security.

Key Features:
• Anti theft
• Safe from unauthorized installation
• Anti phishing
• Online control on your device
• Block individual mobile number
• Eset Live grid security

The eset mobile security provides both type of antivirus version free or paid mobile security I tried many famous antivirus for my mobile they gives a good protection but little slow down my mobile and then I listen about eset is always famous for its light weight strong protection.


In the two images you can see clearly what is the defference between free or paid of Eset mobile security version. The free version is good if you are using for normal purpose, but if you are using your mobile for business purpose I would suggest buy premium version for keep your data safe from everything.
Let see how premium feature keep safe from unauthorized thing:

SMS & Call filter
This feature is my favorite feature i use this normally for embarrassing my friends when I don’t want to receive call or sms from them. You can block individual mobile number and other mobile call you can receive easily without any problem.


Anti phishing
The anti phishing is best way to keep safe from malicious links, website, and fake website this is useful when you trying pay online via mobile the mobile application is easy to crack or hack and hacker is everywhere, where you’re surfing on the internet, online banking they just send a malicious link for grab your online account username and password use this feature for keep safe from phishing link.

Anti Theft
The anti theft feature must be in all mobile antivirus. The anti theft is one of the best ways to track you mobile location if it’s missing, where it is and exact position. New Eset mobile security.
This time eset improved UI and introduce anti theft account on eset website where you can full control on your device remotely. But you have to connect your device with your www.my.eset.com
account and now your mobile will follow all your command which you instruct via remote from your www.my.eset.com account, like siren, send sms, track the location your missing mobile service and save full records, and activities in your www.my.eset.com account.



If any unknown person want to use your mobile with other sim card then sim guard will work that time, and inform you and secondary camera capture an image and send to your www.my.eset.com account and optimization 5 start is for indentify you if any feature will be disable then one start will deduct from 5. From only one account you can access and administratively control your all device.


Good:- The Eset created an special online service from there you can control and wipe your full device also you would be connected with your devices adminitratively.
Bad:- This application still available in beta version and service also not for old version.
Result : Eset mobile security is a good solution for keep your device safe, secure, healthy and you can control remotely direct from your eset account, mean double safe with your anti theft application and online account service.

Reviewer: mohammadwasi7861

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2. [Contest] ESET Mobile Security

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