[Contest] FULL-DISKfighter

[Contest] FULL-DISKfighter [Forum Exclusive]

| August 18, 2012

Computers are the need of information age, and it is very well known by vast number of peoples around the globe. The regular computer user know that as we use computer it start getting older and all the space in the hard disk starts shrinking magically (don’t know about others but that’s what I feel), and in the worst case user don’t know how to recover all the wasted space that can be recovered by performing system maintenance. All the space commonly lost are recoverable and there are utilities available in the market which help recovering these space easily and automatically on a mouse click. But the problem with these utilities is they sometimes damage important files and resources of system which may lead to system crash. Well this only happens if user use a unprofessional product from a unknown vendor.  But today I want to talk about a disk space recovery utility which is professionally designed for this purpose and is offered by a world renowned Vendor who is also a Microsoft gold certified partner (ISV). I am talking about SPAMfighter’s FULL-DISKfighter.

FULL-DISKfighter is a light program, installer of FULL-DISKfighter is 2.6MB (here I am talking about V1.3.45 – trial) in size and it takes 15MB of disk space for installation (here I can say FULL-DISKfighter starts saving disk space right from the installation). Installation process is simple, but little slow. After installation, when the program first starts it opens a window in default browser (requires internet connection) where user can subscribe to newsletter of SPAMfighter. The trial version of this program possess the basic option where user can try its power and decide if it’s worth buying and user can use overview of program with quick scan feature for testing it, I also did that.

The Quick Scan is quite quick, at first it looks like it is taking some time but the time it consumes is very less as compared to the work it is doing.   This is because it is scanning whole hard disk for unnecessary/duplicate files and also sorting larger files and fragments in a single scan.

When I scanned my pc with FULL-DISKfighter first time, it take 18:57 minutes for completing the quick scan and showed me the result as in the below screen shot. The result is impressive, as I am a advance user and once every month I maintain all aspects of my pc from backups to junk removal to defrag and other. It shows that my PC have around 5.1GB of junk files which can be removed easily and without any problem, here I got the point why everyone recommending me this program, I thought I’ve no junk on my pc as I clean my pc every month. Then it shows that I’ve 4.5GB of duplicate files, I never gave any good importance to duplicate file and I am literally shocked with the amount of duplicate files I’ve on my pc. Then it shows that I’ve 20.1GB of file which are larger than 10MB in size on my hard disk. I know I’ve lots of stuff on my hard disk and it’s not a big thing for me as I expected something similar. In the end it shows that I’ve 0 bytes of unorganized files, that’s true as I performed monthly defrag job three days ago.

On clicking “See how to optimize your hard disk” it shows me a popup within the program (screenshot below).

There I found that it only cleans 25 junk files in trial mode and other options are full version only. But, the way this program worked for me and the way it searched for all the junk I am really impressed with its performance and I am thinking of grabbing its full version as I can recover lots of useful space with this tool. So, this is my experience with this program.

Conclusion: The user interface of FULL-DISKfighter is very easy to use and user friendly, I liked its colour. It has shortcut web links for all of the SPAMfighter tools on the top right of the interface for easy access. The performance of FULL-DISKfighter is quite good and I can say I am quite impressed with its performance. I am a advance user and I know how to maintain my pc but still it found 10GB of space in whole that is recoverable, that’s a lot of space and I am really very disappointed with all the tools I used for a long time for freeing up wasted space, they are all waste. This program comes with a trial, so I want to recommend everyone to try this once, even if you are an advance computer user and you know you don’t have any junk or duplicate on your pc. I am sure after using it for once you’ll love it and add it in your arsenal. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by Sahil


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