[Contest] G Cloud Backup

[Contest] G Cloud Backup

| August 18, 2012

Even though every dreamer out there has been told, once or twice in their lifetime, to get their head out of the clouds, when it comes all things Android, this might not be such sound advice after all.

Instead, we would advise you to put your head along with all your files, photos, SMS, contacts, music and documents all in the cloud, but not just any cloud; if you want to be on cloud nine, you ought to choose G Cloud Backup!

In this day and age, with all the latest tech gadgets and apps taking us by storm, there isn’t a day that passes undocumented; whether we post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or simply keep the pictures on our phones. Imagine the panic one would fall into, if all those precious moments would be lost forever, and they could, for a simple malware could send our device down the drain with no going back. Or better yet, a simple moment of haze that makes us forget our phone somewhere, might lead to the same horrific result.

With G Cloud Backup, it seems they’ve studied all those scenarios to save not only our “Kodak moments”, but also our SMS messages, contacts, videos, music, call logs and documents. Imagine if you had Jennifer Lopez on your contact list; we’re pretty sure losing those digits would cause a lot more than just a bit of frustration.
There are tons of Apps out there, but none of which make it as easy as G Cloud Backup. Once downloaded from Google Play, Android carriers are instantly granted a free 1 GB of cloud security, which is usually more than enough for the average user. Yet, if your thirst for MBs cannot be quenched then you can upgrade to the unlimited account for less than your morning Starbucks Frappuccino; US $2.99, that amounts to around a £1.93 and 2.28 in what we still call a Euro.

So, once downloaded, all you have to do is select what you wish to be backed up, save it with a single finger click and poof you’re set to go.

G Cloud backup is most certainly of the intelligent of Apps; it only runs when connected to Wi-Fi (unless you select the backup to run on 3G), and does not drain out your battery. Still not sure? Well, an added bonus is that it runs automatically every single day, using Secure Socket Layer data transfer onto AES encrypted servers. Which means in plain English; your data shall be safer than your money in the central bank!

So the next time you misplace your device, have it removed by force by one of the many pickpockets out there, or if you simply wish to upgrade and be part of the it crowd; having the latest must-have model, migrating your existing data using G Cloud Backup to the new device will take less than minutes. Now this is putting the “Smart” in Smartphones.


In cooperation with Genie9 (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 5 Unlimited Accounts of G Cloud Backup

To get the chance to win:

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