[Contest] HyperSnap 7 [Forum Exclusive]

[Contest] HyperSnap 7 [Forum Exclusive]

| May 30, 2012

Everybody needs a good screenshot capture program which can capture every detail of the screen, save it and then edit. Taking screenshots are very useful for many reasons. For example you have some problems and you do not know how to resolve them. You can simply take a screenshot and then send it to a friend or someone else. You are a gamer and you get the highest score in your game- capture this amazing moment and then share it among your friends or upload to some online sites, etc.

Of course, there are a lot of good screen capture programs but one of the best among them is HyperSnap which has so many advanced and great features. This program can make not only simple screenshots but also allows you to edit them, save these changes and upload them. Let me say something about it more fully.

1. Installation: The installation file is very small, just about 12MB. The installation process is very easy and fast, just one minute.

2. Interface: The interface of the program is very well-organized and beautiful. It consists of seven control buttons: 1.File, 2.Capture, 3.Edit, 4.Image, 5.TextSnap, 6.Setup, and 7.Help. Every tab has a lot of very functional buttons for capturing, editing and saving the screenshot. So allow me to describe them.

The next control button Capture, I think, is the main component of this program because it was specifically designed for capturing everything on your screen, even the smallest detail. You can capture not only the full window but also every corner of your window. This tab consists of many very functional buttons which help you to capture everything you want. It has the following buttons: 1.Region button (hot key:Ctrl+Shift+R) allows you to select the desired area for capturing, just choose the area, then click the mouse, that’s all. 2. Pan Region button (hot key:Ctrl+Shift+P) allows you to capture the image of the same size but you can select the different area of the screen. 3. Repeat button (Ctrl+Shift+F11) allows you to capture the selected area again. 4. Window button (hot key: Ctrl+Shift+W) captures the screen of your computer. You can capture not only the whole window but also any part of it. 5. Active Window button (hot key: Ctrl+Shift+A) captures the opened window only. 6. Full Screen button (hot key Ctrl+Shift+F) allows you to capture the full window. Hyper snap has other many other capturing tools. You can select them by clicking the button More. It has additional useful capturing possibilities. For example, you can enable Button, Video, Game and Presentation capture. HyperSnap allows you to customize or use the default fatures for applying some capturing shapes, ratio and size of the screenshots. For example you can choose rectangle, ellipse, apply ratio from any to 16:9 or customize it, apply the desired size from Any to 800:600 or customize it. By the help of the special button Capture Settings you can change some capturing settings, for example, play sounds when making the snapshot, include cursor image, etc.

The next control button is called Edit. It helps you to edit your screenshot after capturing. I t has everything for editing your captured screenshots. A lot of functional buttons make your screenshots real masterpieces. I will describe some of them. Text button allows you to add text to the image, Arrow button adds the special arrow marks to the image, Fill button fills the selected area with the preferred color, Highlight Button highlights the text with the desired color. You can also easily adjust color setting to your image by the help of special color configuration tools. Besides that you can cut the unneeded area from the image or paste the new image to the existing one. Of course HyperSnap consists of many other great editing tools but it is very difficult to describe them all in this short review.

The next control button is called Image. It has additional features for manipulating with images. You can crop, trim, strip your images, change resolution of the image, resize the image, stamp the image, rotate the image to 90 degree right or left. Besides that, you can also perform some other manipulation, for example, make some correction, shadow the image, add frame, etc.
The next control button is Text Snap. It is specifically made for performing text corrections to your image. By the help of the various buttons you can easily edit the text of the image , add or change text, choose the desired font, etc.

Setup control button allows you to perform some basic program settings. You can choose the preferred skin of the program, its background, apply hot keys and mouse keys, etc. Shortly saying you can set up those features which are very useful and needful for you.

Conclusion: HyperSnap is a very useful program for everybody. It is not a simple capturing program but also a very powerful image editor program. Of course it is not a photo editing program, but I think it is not necessary for it because it is designed for taking screenshots and for editing them. I can say it is very needful for everybody who wants to create cool and outstanding screenshots.

Reviewer: Sir William of Palerne

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