[Contest] Idoo Video Editor Pro

[Contest] Idoo Video Editor Pro

| November 8, 2013

Cut or Join videos It is a such a perfect video cutter to helps you get multiple trimmed video parts and lots of video editing functions are provided to help you make a great home movie Cut/trim audio To make a small audio clip from your favorite movie song,it help you cutting a MP3 file and save results into new MP3 files.

Crop&Split&Rotate video Crop video: Crop video, remove black bars to focus area and convert video to desired video formats in one step. Split video:It can help you split large video file into smaller video clips. Split manually by dragging the slider to locate the split point. Or split automatically by setting split time or file size, or averagely. Rotate video: Rotate video 90/180/270 degrees.

Join&Add watermark video rip or converter dvd Join video:idoo video editor allows you to edit, cut, crop, watermark ,subtitle and add effect to your videos. Join audio:Merge several audio files into one. Add watermark to video:Adding a text watermark or add a picture watermark to video. Add subtitle to video:Adding .srt or .ass external subtitles to any video formats Preview and capture pictures:The video edit software supports previewing the source video and target file. If necessary, you can adjust the sequence of output video file.

idoo video editor

Idoo Video Editor Pro Is a product proudly presented to us vendors Software:Multimedia & Design RegNow you can find some – about idoo Video Editor Pro idoo Video Editor Pro website: idoo Video Editor Pro . Do you have any exams prouIf Product users Software:Multimedia & Design, however, may be the potential of this revolutionary product is Brand New. If our experience, as well as to all goods purchased broadcast provider. And we are going to serve this prestigious comment.dly feet from the village Software:Multimedia & Design because we are suppliers of tutorials broadcast on You can learn more about that some.

idoo Video Editor Pro Preferably under Clickbanks refund policy has emerged between pages RegNow. Our lapse process for all RegNow products is as follows:

RegNow assessed to confirm that the end of a product or a representative within 60 days from the date of purchase. Pay recurring billing products, some more than a one-time fee can be assumed, if desired .. part of the normal period of 60 days

You can try Get idoo Video Editor Pro during 100% RISK-FREE. If after the squeeze we have been not confident with the calm of this product or whatsoever reasons , we can emanate the Without-Questions-Asked-Refund inside of 60 days of your purchase. There is no RISK in perplexing out Get idoo Video Editor Pro.

  • The ability to Easily and accurately separate video and audio on the side of your choice: by file size, by the middle or a specific interval.
  • Cut and connect any video or audio, adjust to your preference.
  • Crop video to remove black field and a focusing area. Convert videos to the Desired video formats in one motion.
  • Add special effects: adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation. Do video cleaner, better and more beautiful.
  • Rotate video image at any angle (90/180/270 degrees).
  • Add a watermark (symbols, images) on the video.
  • Add subtitles to the video, additional settings and effects.
  • Preview video and capture pictures.
  • Cut, Split, Join Video or audio
  • Video Cutter: To make a small audio clip from your favorite movie song, it help you cutting a MP3 file and save results into new MP3 files.
  • Video Splitter: You can Easily and exactly split the video and audio into parts as you need: by the file size, by different or average span.
  • Video Joinner: It Enables you to cut and joint any video or audio while the make advanced settings According to your own needs
  • Crop & Rotate Effect & video
  • Crop Video: Crop video to remove black bars and focus area Desired convert video to video formats in one step.
  • Effect Video: It can add special effects to your video by adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation, make-your roomates video clearer, fuller and more beautiful.
  • Rotate video: Rotate: You can rotate your video picture by any angles (90/180/270 degrees).
  • Add subtitle, watermark or capture video
  • Add watermark to video: You can watermark your video with any characters and images, on roomates you can get advanced settings and special effects.
  • Add subtitle to video: Subtitle: Idoo Video Editor can add the subtitles for your videos, and you can develop the advanced settings and special effects for Them
  • Preview and capture pictures: Preview and Capture: Before, during or after editing, you can preview the video and audio at any time to inspect and control the progress. Moreover, you can get a screenshot with it easily.

Product page: http://www.idooeditor.com/

Reviewed by: TonyAnthony

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