[Contest] Kerish Doctor 2012 [Forum Exclusive]

[Contest] Kerish Doctor 2012 [Forum Exclusive]

| September 27, 2012

Ever had problems with windows errors, registry errors, etc., Keish Doctor can help. Kerish Doctor is an easy to understand program to fix errors that you might not know where to start and gives you an easy understanding of what it cleans and repairs. If you are one of those that does not like to mess around with registry but rather have a program do it, this does a well job in fixing the registry. Kerish Doctor is a one program to help optimize, clean, repair, and help in minimizing windows errors.
Installation is fast and easy, gives you four steps to install, the welcome, license agreement, location, and install. After installation the program will start with the main interface where you will see list of components and if it’s enable and Messages below the list components where you will see any news, tips, or if there’s something it needs your attention.


Kerish Doctor Interface gives you an easy access to its features and ways to maintain your computer. There are eight tabs on the left; the main tab gives you information of what components are enabled or disabled with a message center for any messages needing your attention, tips, and news.

The maintenance tab gives you access to the various scan options, the full scan which on the test took around 2 minutes or so to do a full scan and each other are around 1 minute or less. The rest of the scans are repair of windows errors which scans system registry scanning for errors and inconsistencies, cleanup of junk files which cleans out temporary files, system and application cache, check of windows security which scans for malicious programs and will advise you on the windows security which it scans for vulnerabilities, performance optimization which optimizes windows to increase performance.

The other section of the maintenance is the service which gives you a way to troubleshoot windows problems, recommendation of improving your computer and internet optimizer which can optimize your internet connection.

The next tab is the statistics and report which shows you a graph and log and you can also see detailed information of what Kerish Doctor has done which gives you how much space it has gained, how many threats it has found, the amount of objects scanned and fixed.

Then you have your settings tab where you can customize Kerish Doctor on how it works. The general settings gives you options if you want Kerish Doctor to start on windows logon and work in Real-time mode, have common settings for all users, use Kerish deblocker, keep log events, and clear outdated history reports that are more than a month. The interface settings gives you the option to change the language, and the notifications of what you want it to notify if it fixes, updates, etc.

The maintenance settings lets you select what objects you want it to scan, have it create backup points, delete outdated backup points, ignore links to removable devices, control PC temperature, and real-time failure detection system. The protection settings lets you change what you want it to protect you from and what to do when it finds infected files. The update settings lets you select if you want to let it update automatically, an option to have developer news to message center and if you use a proxy server.

The last part of the settings is the game mode which lets you add games to increase games by shutting down unused services that runs in the background to free up memory. Usually most games would be automatically added when opened up when Kerish Doctor is running.

The update center lets you see the installed components, lets you check manually for updates and if you want to configure the update settings. The tools tab provides access to the windows startup which you can control what programs starts up when windows starts, installed software where you can view, modify or uninstall the programs.

It also provides you an easy access to the system restore point which it uses a different interface than what the windows system restore looks like and a way to rollback changes. You can also view the quarantine and black list. The help and support tab provides you access to help topics, find a solution, if you can’t find an answer you can go to the forum, or contact the technical support.

The last tab is the about which gives you the time when your license expires, the version you are using, and other information that you usually see on an about section.
Thoughts and Conclusion
Kerish Doctor keeps your computer optimized, limits windows errors by fixing up registry, and cleans up your system. Scans are usually 2 minutes or less, so no need to wait for Kerish Doctor to find the errors, optimizations and cleanup of your system. Kerish Doctor is great to use when you don’t really know that much about the registry so you are able to clean up and get space that has been taken from registry plus help prevent most windows errors. Real-time scans maintain your computer running smoothly with automatic updates and scans of your system. You can give it a try for a 15 day trial at www.kerish.org.

Reviewer: lmanlo

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