[Contest] KeyLemon Face Recognition Software!

[Contest] KeyLemon Face Recognition Software!

| August 9, 2011

Gone are the days when you just had to type long passwords for authentication. With the new advancement of technology we have various authentication methods – Fingerprint, Retinal pattern, Signature, Voice, and Facial etc. Today I would like to talk about a software which replaces old fashioned windows authentication with facial recognition. The name of software is KeyLemon and you can easily try it if you have a USB webcam or a laptop with an integrated webcam.

KeyLemon- Description & Features

KeyLemon is a software that changes the way you log in to your computer with face recognition using any standard webcam.

It is quite easy to use and a perfect for those who find it hard to remember long passwords. Actually it replaces the password with your face and as a result eliminates the tedious process of remembering and entering longs passwords time and again. It even offers various kinds of customizable logon backgrounds and themes to add a bit of fun.

Along with replacing the windows login it offers few more features.

Hijackers Tracking- KeyLemon can take pictures of all those who tried to access your computer when you are away. It can store up to 100 images of the failed login attempts thus securing your computer from hijackers and other persons who wanted to steal your hard work.

Permanent protection-This feature ensures no unauthorized access to your computer. LemonLock plugin ensures complete protection of your computer. As soon as you leave your computer it automatically locks the session and only unlock it when you return. This process eliminates the tedious job of locking and unlocking the session with username and passwords and also gives a complete protection.

Password manager- KeyLemon, with the help of LemonFox plugin, acts as a password manager also. Now you don’t have to remember the passwords of your favorite sites like facebook, twitter etc.

Profile creation & Settings

After successfully installing the software it will reboot the system and then a setup wizard will launch. This wizard will guide you to create a face model profile. I must say it is extremely easy to create a profile. In the first step it detects the webcam.

In the next step it asks you to correctly position in front of the webcam. In the third step it once again confirms us to position our head correctly and then ask us to adapt the face model. There is a meter which checks the quality of the face model.

This way you can successfully create your profile. There is a security level setting which helps you to toggle between high, medium and low securities. You can choose any settings as per your need.

So next time when you will login to your windows account you don’t have to remember your long password rather you can use your face for login.

Conclusion & Verdict


  •   The KeyLemon manager is bit buggy and sometimes you need to reinstall again.
  •   The whole process is slower than comparing to the old fashioned method of typing the password.


  •   Clean interface, easy to use and adds a bit of fun.
  •   No need to remember and type long passwords to log in to windows.
  •   The permanent protection and hijackers tracking features increase your system security.
  •   Even if it fails to detect your face you still have the option to log in with your username and
  • password.

Taking into account all the pros and cons, I would suggest everybody to try this application. It not only makes your life easier, by making your face act as your password, but also increases the system security. You can actually protect your system from hijackers without doing literally anything. KeyLemon running in the background will protect your system always. It also brings a bit of fun into your system and makes you popular among your friends and colleagues.

Review made by amazingAG of TipRadar’s forum

In cooperation with KeyLemon (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 5 licenses of  KeyLemon Gold for Windows, worth $29.95 each!

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