[Contest] MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe

[Contest] MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe

| September 30, 2012

There are many software that you can choose to create a slideshow but the MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe has the features you need to create some fantastic slideshows. It provides the perfect tools, objects, effects, etc. to create a slideshow that has a professional touch in it. This slideshow software has many ways to customize your slideshow to make it your own and a way to show your trips, parties and other various events.


Installation is as regular you have the welcome screen, license and agreement, you have the option to standard install or custom install but I recommend custom, with custom you can select what folders to install and where it saves the files plus you can deselect the installation of the Magix Ask Toolbar. After your selections you install the MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe and it is ready to go. After completing the installation just put in your key if you bought it or give it a try.


MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe has what you need to create a slideshow. You will first open up MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe and you will come with a question of what you want to do, create a new project manually, create a slideshow with wizard, new slideshow from a movie template, or open an existing slideshow. Which then you can select the format of the image and what disc format you are going to save which you can also put it on a Blue-ray disc if you have a capable Blue-ray writer.

The wizard takes you in 3 steps which helps you create one quickly without too much work on the slideshow, the steps are the selection of photos and videos, after you finish selecting what you want for the slideshow you can then select the effects of the slideshow and add background music and after you finish you have the selection of continuing manually or adding a menu to the slideshow and burn the slideshow.

When using MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe on manual mode you have 3 sections the first one is where you see a preview, the second section is where you select the media, fades, add a title and Fx effects, and the last section is where you add or fix your slideshow and select what photos you want to go first add fades into this selection so when a the slideshow is changing photo/video it uses the fade, you can also edit how long you want your background music or add more. Most of what you can do or change you can do it on the 2nd section as mentioned above or you can right click on a photo, text, background music to bring up more options to select. You can use the effects tab on the top which gives you various options to optimize photos, edit properties of the stereo3D, and create a panorama, and many more that can’t be listed.

MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe has 3 middle tabs which you can select the Slideshow, burning and export. The burning section is where you will edit the slideshow menu with the templates or you can buy more templates for you to use on the MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe. So after you finish fixing the menu up then you can select apply and burn the slideshow to DVD or export the slideshow. There are free download of templates in the helpàfree download which should have what you need and some selection when selecting your menu for your DVD. MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe gives you the option to output the file as a regular video file, a 3D video, for a mobile device, share it online or just archive the project.

Thoughts and Conclusion

There is much slideshow software but the MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe has been the one that has the most effects, fades and the way you can use the slideshow software. MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe gives you the options of creating a slideshow in 3D so if you have a 3d TV and player you can watch it through that way or you can select it to be created for the anaglyph which are the red-blue filtered glasses. This is great slideshow software which gives you enough to create a great slideshow plus putting a map with points and pictures of locations you have gone is something you don’t see in others. MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe has the amount of features and effects it gives you which I personally see more useful than what I have seen plus they personally give you a free download of add-ons with various templates for slideshow styles, transition effects, video effects, DVD Menus, etc. Please visit here http://www.magix.com/gb/slideshow-software/ to download your trial or purchase your MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe.

Reviewed by lmanlo

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