[Contest] Microsoft Network Your Computers & Devices [O'Reilly ebook]

[Contest] Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step [O’Reilly ebook]

| March 19, 2011

Written by Ciprian and his team at 7 Tutorials, this ebook is about the networking features offered by Windows and how to expand your network to connect home computers spanning multiple operating systems.

Read on for a short sampler and instructions to win a free copy!
The contents:

  1. Setting up a Router and Devices
  2. Setting User Accounts on All Computers
  3. Setting up Libraries on All Windows 7 Computers
  4. Creating the Network
  5. Customizing Network Sharing Settings in Windows 7
  6. Creating the Homegroup and Joining Windows 7 Computers
  7. Sharing Libraries and Folders
  8. Sharing and Working with Devices
  9. Streaming Media Over the Network and the Internet
  10. Sharing Between Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Computers
  11. Sharing Between Mac OS X and Windows 7 Computers
  12. Sharing Between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 Computers
  13. Keeping the Network Secure
  14. Setting Up Parental Controls
  15. Troubleshooting Network and Internet Problems

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