[Contest] Outpost Firewall PRO 7.5.1

[Contest] Outpost Firewall PRO 7.5.1

| September 25, 2011

Outpost Firewall is designed to protect your computer against penetration of the Internet intruders, and some types of viruses. Also , it intercepts attempts to installed software to send data to any location of the user without authorization, personal information, files, passwords, etc. The installer of the program can be downloaded from the official site www.agnitum.com. Its size is just 32 MB. Installation process is very easy. Installation guide helps you to configure its settings with easiness.

Interface of the program is very simple and understandable. It consists of two modes : Simple mode and Expert mode. Simple mode is for beginners. Expert mode is for more advanced users.

Simple mode of the program :

Expert mode of the program :

Now we describe the program more fully in expert mode. The main window of the Exert mode consists of the following tabs : 1. Firewall, 2. Proactive protection,  3. Anti-spyware, 4. Web control, 5. Event viewer.

Firewall tab:

Firewall tab consists of two windows  : Network activity and Used ports.  Network activity window provides information about current connections to the network applications. You can get detailed information about which application has access to the network, remote address and port, the volume of information sent and received. Used ports window contains information about what processes on your computer use some ports.

Other tabs:

Proactive protection tab is also consists of two windows : Process activity and files and registry activity. Process activity window gives information about Windows system processes. You can get the detailed information about all the processes which are running in the computer. Files and registry activity window gives information about files which are running, and about the registry.

Anti-spyware tab is very useful application of this program. It protects the computer from Trojans, spyware etc. in real time. It consists of one window named Quarantine where you can find information about the quarantined malware, and manage them.

Web control function is specially designed for web security. You can configure your web preferences, and allow or block specific web sites. This tab consists of one window named Online activity. In this window you can see all your opened web sites, their names, hosts, and size.

In this window you can see all the logs files created by the program, configure them, and clear all the log files.

On the top of the main program window in the right corner is located four buttons : 1. Scan for spyware, 2. Settings, 3. Update, 4. Help.

The module Scan for spyware is specially designed for scanning spywares in the computer. You can choose one of four scanning options – quick, full, custom, or use scan profile.

The button Settings gives us opportunity to configure programs for our needs. It has many configuration modules for better performance. You can configure network rules, schedule, file and folder lock, and many others.


In general, Outpost has left a very good impression. Modules operate without any problems. The resource consumption is modest. Firewall practically has no effect of the speed of the network and makes the job safe. It is one of the best firewall program, and really is worth to have.

In cooperation with Agnitum (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 5 licenses to get the full version Outpost Firewall PRO 7.5.1.

To get the chance to win:

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