[Contest] PCmover Professional

[Contest] PCmover Professional

| October 31, 2013

Laplink PCmover Professional provides you the best, effective, error-free and quickest way to transfer from one PC to another. The transfer includes: all of your selected programs, files, and settings.


PCmover Professional can transfer your PC across a network, Laplink USB cable, or Laplink Ethernet cable. If your computer has multiple users, PCmover gives you the option to transfer some or all of the users. The security information about file ownership and access control is preserved for each user (given the same is supported by the new/destination PC’s operating system).

Key Features:

1. Application Selectivity:

Choose which applications and folders you’d like moved over to your new PC.

2. Folder & File Selectivity:

Select which folders you want moved and uncheck any file types that you don’t want transferred over.

3. Complete Migration:

Can move all programs, files and settings in one easy step.

4. Multiple Transfer Options:

Choose from USB cables, Windows Easy Transfer cable, parallel cables, removable media or a wired / wireless network to do the transfer.

5. Easy-To-Use Wizard Interface:

Click through a simple wizard to set up the move.

6. “Undo” Feature:

Quickly reverse a migration at any time with PCmover’s easy ‘undo’ feature.

7. Free Transfer Assistance:

A service that provides free access to a professional technician who will remotely guide the new PC setup process 24/7

The installation of PCmover hardly takes a minute. But be aware that you may unknowingly choose to install Yahoo crapware such as toolbar (which comes bundled with the setup) if not unchecked.


On the first run (post activation) PCmover provides you with a very clean interface, presenting you three options.


While PC to PC Transfer is the primary option, PCmover also facilitates Windows (In-Place) Upgrade Assistance and Image & Drive Assistant features.

Windows (In-Place) Upgrade Assistance – This option allows you to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 and automatically restores all your applications, data, and settings after the upgrade- on the same PC.

Image & Drive Assistant – This option allows you to restore the programs, files and settings from an image or an old hard drive, even if the image is from an earlier version of Windows.

Further I would be discussing the primary function of PCmover.

Upon every selection and confirmation PCmover enables the next button. The second screen for PC to PC transfer provides you the details for pre-migration requirements and transfer limitations. Once acknowledged you can move further.


The next step is to prepare the old computer first followed by new computer later. Note that it is preferable to prepare the old computer first.



After selecting the interface, PCmover starts analyzing the PC. This is a 4-step process and the time taken depends on the data/applications on the PC. Once it completes analyzing you are presented an option to set-up a notification to be updated once the transfer is completed. However, this step is optional and could be skipped.


The next step is to prepare and start the transfer from the New PC.


1. One stop solution for your migration troubles.

2. Fully controllable migration options.

3. 3-step hassle free migration process ensuring “Set it and Forget it.”

4. Free Transfer Assistance 24 hours a day & 7 days a week for United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom customers.

5. Undo feature to reverse a migration.


If you ever want to either transfer data from one PC to another, or do a Windows upgrade, your only choice should be PCmover. It not only saves from the cumbersome process but also provides a very controlled transfer without much of manual intervention.

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