[Contest] PDF Compress

[Contest] PDF Compress

| May 17, 2013

PDF Compress is a small utility to compress PDF files and to shorten the files size. This comes in handy when you need to send a big PDF or send various in one email or if where you will be uploading the pdf if to save space.

PDF Compress has a simple interface and quick on compressing files. Quality is good and there’s no difference which works as mentioned.



PDF Compress interface is simple which there not much of confusion when using application is. The right side gives you the tools to open up the PDF that you want to compress, save the compression, compress the PDF and about section. The left side shows you the information of the PDF that you have opened up with file name, pdf version that was used, etc. The bottom section shows you the file size and specs of the PDF where you could also have PDF Compress also compress text, graphics, and embedded fonts which those will depend on what you want if you only want text to be compress, graphics or only embedded fonts.


I tested a PDF with a size of 20 MB, 1,159 pages with various images, different fonts and full of text and the compression took around less than a minute and compressed it down to 13 MB which saved you around 7 MB in file size. There was no distortion on the pictures in the PDF and you don’t notice no difference which it does what it mentions it does.


Thoughts and Conclusion

PDF Compress is a good small utility that compresses your PDFs down in size and depending on your usage this would come in handy if needing this type of application. It works as needed and the compression size will depend on the PDF, as each one might be different which some might only be a small amount or some might not need it as already compressed. But for the non-compressed PDFs this will work very well as on the tested PDF.

Reviewer: LMANLO

You can take a look at http://www.bureausoft.com/products.html#PDF%20Compress to learn more.

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