[Contest] Private Internet Access VPN

[Contest] Private Internet Access VPN

| August 3, 2014

Today’s world we’re not fully protected on the internet we use trust and use many reputed security software, and we pay very high keep secure and private our online “username and password”these 2 simple words can change your life.

How can we keep hide & secure from online frauds?
When we online several hacker, key loggers, IP tracker, working behind of us, without we know and permission, and we must have to hide from all of these.

Private Internet Access is most trusted and fully secure VPN service provider keep hiding from all of hackers who can breach our security.

  • Keep hide your IP & location.
  • You’re invisible and encrypted browsing.
  • Protect your data & Identity from thieves.
  • Increase your security level.
  • 1,440+ servers in 10 countries
  • Easy to use and setup



  • Keep hide your IP & Location
    Private Internet Access is very famous for its military base encryption to keep their costumer secure, we surfing online anonymously on the internet and use other IP address which is connected with PIA and we’re protected under the military base security and also hide our location while working online, banking, shopping, typing username and password in public Wi-Fi, even everywhere.


  • You’re invisible and encrypted browsing
    Without VPN we’re surfing like walking on the road where is lots of traffic and can be accident any time, after connected Private Internet Access we travel on the internet from inside the encrypted secure tunnel and erase all our foot print which helps us to stop tracking, breach our data and privacy from internet frauds, and also keep our identity anonymous.


  • Prevent your data and identity from thieves
    Internet is most beneficent most time, but some it might be very danger when we don’t care about security and then the result is data theft, leak private data, empty bank accounts. We’re connected with the internet with our real face, but if we wear an anonymous face so no one can detect us, just like anonymous PIA cover us with anonymous face and with unreal multiple IP addresses + high lever security and without slow down our Internet connection.


  • Increase your security level
    All antivirus security expert claim their security is high level and secure you from almost all types for viruses, but only anti-virus is not enough for all type of frauds and electronic armors like track location base on your IP address, prevent your data from thieves to keep secure you, they secure you from viruses, malwares, spywares and etc, but not hide your location, IP address and doesn’t encrypt your browsing and surfing with military base encrypted tunnels and all these security in your hand with one username and password of PIA any time you can anonymously surf on the internet and can come back at your home with full safety.
  • Numbers of country and servers
    Private Internet Access has 1,440+ servers and each server has many IPs, each time you can choose you desire server or auto.
  • Easy to install and use
    The setup is very easy to use and work like charm, but there are little hard work if you’re operate first time VPN service in your PC I mean with advance setting.
  • Thousands of server and 10 countries.
    More servers mean more switching option of your IP address with multiple countries
    and you’re more secure you and your username and password and your life.


After all the test of Private Internet Access I am really impressed with it servers, services and specially customer supports they’re very friend I talked very rude because I wanted to check their behavior but I failed to get rude reply always get friendly and good behavior.

Reviewer:  mohammadwasi7861

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