[Contest] Radmin 3.4 Remote Support Software

[Contest] Radmin 3.4 Remote Support Software

| May 11, 2012

I recently got an opportunity to try Radmin. It is a remote access software. There are two installations required for Radmin: 1. Radmin Server-required to install on the PC which is to be accessed remotely. 2. Radmin Viewer-required to install on the PC from where we have to access the remote PC. There is a portable viewer; hence, it is not compulsory to install it. I used the portable version.

You have to have the server running on the remote PC so that it could be accessed. Make sure the remote PC is accessible over TCP-IP or LAN to access it.
In my case, it took a while to configure the access to remote PC. The reason was that the remote PC was behind a firewall and had a local IP. Therefore, I had to configure the router of the remote PC to redirect the access at the specific port to the remote PC.
Once the access was set it was a child’s play to access the remote PC.
The remote PC can be viewed either in a window or in a full-screen display. All mouse movements and keystrokes entries are transferred directly to the remote PC.
In addition, you can transfer files to and from the remote PC, and even communicate with the remote PC by either text chat or voice chat.

Below are some of the important features from the developer’s site:
1. Full control of the remote computer
2. View the remote screen
3. Transfer files
4. DirectScreenTransfer™ technology
5. provides the highest operating speed
6. All transferred data is protected
7. with 256-bit AES encryption
8. Shutdown or reboot
9. Multi-user Text and Voice Chat
10. Send message
11. Intel® AMT support
12. Multiple monitors support
13. Easy and user-friendly interface
14. Free Technical Support

As you could see above, there are different modes of connection.

Full Control

Gives complete control to remote PC.

View Only

Restircted control for only viewing teh remote PC.


A text-mode connection to the remote PC to use system commands and launch text-mode applications without a graphical interface.

File Transfer

This mode helps in access files and folders of remote PC. It supports two-way file transfer.


This mode allows to shut down the remote PC.


For communicating to the remote PC using text chat.

Voice Chat

For communicating to the remote PC using voice chat.

Send Message

Sends a text message that pops up on the remote computer.

Intel® AMT

This is a special connection that enables you to turn a remote computer on or off, manage the remote computer’s BIOS settings, control the remote computer’s boot process before the operating system is loaded and boot the remote computer from a local CD or from an ISO file.

Admin also has a security feature wherein you have to add a user whom you want to allow remote access. Additionally, you may allow a user based on Windows NT security.

As a further security measure, I would suggest to use a different port other than the default 4899 port.

I wish Radmin could also provide following features:

1. Up on restart, viewer should automatically connect to the remote PC. Currently, once the remote PC is restarted the connection is lost. Therefore, we have to manually reconnect back.

2. A brief flash based tutorial to be provided on first use. Although the help file is very useful and covers everything, a first time user may take a while to be accompanied with the interface.

In short, my experience with Radmin was very good. There was no delay in mouse clicks/keystrokes anytime (both source and remote PCs were having 20mbps internet connection). Once connected, the connection stayed up even when there was no activity.

I also contacted their support and got timely response. All support tickets could be opened from either your account or using the link below:


You may want to explore the features of Radmin by installing the 30-day trial of Radmin server. The viewer is free and does not require a license to use.


From personal/home user to IT businesses I would definitely recommend using Radmin.

Version reviewed Radmin 3.4

Tried on Windows XP and Windows-7 64bit

Reviewd by Grr

In cooperation with Radmin (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 5 licenses of Radmin 3.4 – remote support software.

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