[Contest] RAXCO PerfectRegistry

[Contest] RAXCO PerfectRegistry [Forum Exclusive]

| November 26, 2012

The biggest problem every windows user face every day is loss of speed/performance and increase in boot time. When we install window OS the registry on windows is fresh and compact, but as we install/uninstall programs and start customising it we see a fall in performance. This fall irritates almost every window user and because registry is a sensitive part of operating system we really can’t do much for it. Some user tries to use some sort of registry cleaners/optimizers but the effectiveness of these programs are always remain in doubt (Please note that, it is not recommend that any normal user try to tweak/edit/delete any registry keys manually not even a advance user even if they know what they are doing).

Although most registry related programs are not that effective but still there are some registry optimizers/cleaners that are good enough and some are even from very reputable developers. Today I want to talk about a program which comes from a very reputed developer and even Microsoft’s Gold certified Partner. I am talking about Raxco’s Perfect Registry.

It is a amazing registry cleaner, It comes with backup feature so that if anything goes wrong user can rollback everything which makes it fit for every user. Installation of perfect registry is as simple as 1-2-3, and it needs no special input from user side. After installation it scan registry for errors and offer fix, but that is totally optional user can cancel that.

Now, let’s talk about its GUI (Graphical User Interface): On the top right of its GUI there is a drop down menu HELP, which is consist of four options Help, select language, check for update and about.

Below it there is a option bar with five buttons. Status, scan registry, defrag registry, backup registry and settings.

Status: In status user can see status of registry and any recommended fix after scan. It also shows registration status and a registry scan option is available there too.

Scan registry: Here user get option for scanning registry, user can scan system for system related errors, user related errors, com and ActiveX errors and startup and uninstall errors separately or in one go as per needs. Here user can also check damage level of registry after scan.

Defrag registry: Here user has option to defrag and optimize registry for better performance.

Backup registry: Here user get option for backing up registry, user can backup full or partial registry. User also has option for deleting any backup or restoring any.

Settings: Here user can customize scans of this program and this feature makes this program really user friendly. User also has option to exclude something from the list, can also make schedule scanning and can also choose to autostart it on boot (most programs add themselves to autostart but this program give user option for that and user can stop it from auto starting easily).

Conclusion:  The program is really effective and after using it on my own computer I saw a boost in performance, boot time and response time of system. The features I liked the most in it are backup, defrag, so many option for customization, scheduling, and autostart option. These are the option which most other program lacks and these make it super user friendly and safe to use. I recommend it to everyone who are facing system slowness, give it a try and I am sure you going love it. Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by Sahil


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