[Contest] Recover PDF Password

[Contest] Recover PDF Password [Forum Exclusive]

| August 6, 2012

Recover PDF Password is one of the products of Eltima software, its major function is finding password of protected PDF files. The installation is quick, and a notice appears when launched if you have not registration code. The notice reminds you there are some limitations in the demo version.

The limitations are:

–          Password of the PDF is at most 4 symbols, symbols includes space and special symbols.

–          When you use dictionary search, only first and the last character of the password is shown.

–          When you decrypt the file using Recover PDF Password, only the first page can be decrypted. In addition, watermark is added.

The following is a decrypted document using Recover PDF Password demo version.

In Recover PDF Password, there are three methods to decrypt your documents, Brute-Force Search, Dictionary Search and Network Search.

Brute-Force Search

By giving information of the password, it will try out all the possible combination. If you select exhaustive search, it will takes long period of time as all symbols that can be typed, like “Ἁ”, “Ẻ”, “⅓”, are being considered.

By testing whether it works, a PDF file with password protected is being test. Recover PDF Password can find the password successfully with correct information of password is given. Of course if you give a wide range of possible password information, it will take considerably long period to search.

Recover PDF Password can help you finding both owner and user password. Owner password enables you to change the document and sign it, while user password only enables you to view the content.

Dictionary Search

If the password is built base on English words, dictionary search helps you search faster, apart from single word, hyphenated word and inverted word can be tested. Using dictionary search, passwords like “find”, “ffiinndd”, “dnif”, “findfind” can also be found.

Network Search

If you want to decrypt the document faster, network search can help you. It is based on Brute-Force Search, but it uses more CPU resources of the host computer.

After you have done searching, Recover PDF Password record all password in History, you can view it at any time.

Besides the search function, Recover PDF Password helps you to decrypt documents when you provide the password.


Recover PDF Password is a convenient product helping you finding password and decrypting the documents. Once you have forgotten the password, you can find your password by a few clicks. Although you can enjoy the convenience of this product, you need to spend hours or days searching if the password combination is complex. It will be better if the developer improves the searching time.

Reviewd by Hlester‏


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