[Contest] Rollback Rx

[Contest] Rollback Rx

| April 23, 2014

RollBack Rx is the best and complete replacement for Windows system restore with much more powerful features. It does exactly what its official slogan says- Go Back in Time… Instantly Restore PCs In Seconds!

RollBack Rx is a powerful backup solution. It serves as a time machine that allows users to easily restore their systems to exactly how it was at a specific time. You can take and save snapshots of your system at various stages, and in case of any failure, like a system crash, aborted or failed software installation, malware invasion, or funky update procedure, all you need to do is roll back to the snapshot right before the crash and you’ll have a working system within a few seconds. It’s that easy!


  • Unlimited and instant snapshots

You can literally make unlimited and Instant Snapshots of your system as long as free space in your hard disk permits. And It won’t take more than 1 minute for making a snapshot..

You must Lock the snapshots in order to prevent automatic deletion of snapshots.

  • Instant recovery



You can go back in time by just selecting any desired snapshot within seconds.

  • Scheduled Tasks

You can schedule RollBack Rx to automatically take new snapshots with one of the following seven Schedule Type Tasks settings

1.Schedule RollBack Rx to take new snapshots on restart.

2.Schedule RollBack Rx to take a one-time new snapshot.

3.Schedule RollBack Rx to take hourly new snapshots.

4.Schedule RollBack Rx to take daily new snapshots.

5.Schedule RollBack Rx to take weekly new snapshots.

6.Schedule RollBack Rx to take monthly new snapshots.

7.Schedule RollBack Rx to take event based snapshots.


  • Manual snapshots

You can always create snapshots manually whenever needed. And also, if you don’t want RollBack Rx to create snapshots on a scheduled basis, just go to Task Scheduler and delete any Scheduled Tasks present there (By default there will be one in the list).


  • Recover Files or Folder from Snapshots

You can recover any file or folder from any snapshots without rolling back to that snapshot by just exploring the snapshots and searching the files in it, just like in windows explorer. You can even drag and drop files from the snapshots.


  • Keep Folders Unaffected from Rolling back

You can keep any file or folder unaffected by RollBack Rx even after doing a rollback to a previous snapshot.


  • Stealth Mode
    If you don’t like the RollBack Rx boot logo and the system tray (taskbar) icon, you can easily disable them by removing the tick marks off the first two options that can be found on Tools & Settings>Settings>Program Appearance
  • Prevent from Unauthorized Access


Protect RollBack Rx Program and Backup(s) from unauthorized access by password protecting it. You can access the panel via Tools & Settings>Access Control


  • Built-In Defragmenter

RollBack Rx has built-in defragmenter that defragments the stored snapshots to optimize its size and recover free spaces.



  • RollBack to desired snapshot even if windows fails to boot up

If Windows is corrupted (BSOD) or if your system can not boot into Windows, RollBack Rx can still restore your entire system. Since RollBack Rx installs below Windows, it can be accessed prior to Windows boot-up by pressing the “HOME” key.  Once you enter into the RollBack Rx sub-console you can roll-back to any snapshot. Furthermore, you can recover any or all data up-to-the second of the System Crash!






Limitations & cautions:

ü  Completely defragment your Hard Drive before Installing Rollback Rx.

ü  Do not Use any third-party Defragmenting software to defragment Rollback Rx protected drives. It may destroy your saved snapshots. Use only built-in Defragmenter if needed.

ü  It automatically disables windows system Restore during its installation to save space.

ü  Don’t use any other Backup or Image making software with Rollback Rx to prevent any conflict.

ü  The snapshots made by Rollback Rx are hidden in system partition. You won’t be able to copy the snapshots to any other or external hard drive. So, in case of HDD failure, it won’t help you restore your backup or data.

ü  RollBack Rx works with Dual boot OS. (Just make sure both the OS are Microsoft Windows OS only.) During Installation of RollBack Rx, it will ask if your system is multiboot or not, select the multiboot option and then proceed further.

ü  Before upgrading your OS (example, upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7), you must first uninstall Rollback Rx.

My Experience with RollBack Rx:

I’ve been using Rollback Rx for more than two years. It has saved my pc from disaster so many times. I really liked three of its important feature:

  1. Its lowest backup size. I was simply surprised to check the backup size of the baseline image. It was just about 300MB for my 50GB C partition. Then I made some more snapshots after a few major changes. And it took only 3 GB for Five major snapshots.
  2. Its hidden backup, that can’t be changed or modified by any infection.
  3. Its backup speed. It’s super-fast. Takes only couple of minutes (in most cases within a minute) for making a new snapshot. And almost the same with snapshot restoration. Within a minute or so, you’re ready to go.

I highly recommend RollBack Rx to anyone looking for a fast and reliable alternative to Windows system restore.

Reviewer: Roger D

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