[Contest] Screenpresso Pro

[Contest] Screenpresso Pro [Forum Exclusive]

| May 20, 2013

Screenpresso is a featured screen capturing software, it gives you an easy to use panel and does not interfere with what you do. It stays in the system tray and lets you use the ‘prt sc’ key on keyboard. If you like to or need to capture your screen this could be one to have as it is featured and works as intended. When first installed you can run it without installing or install it on the computer you want and still doesn’t take much space.



Screenpresso stands clear without disturbing what you are doing but easy to access. Screenpresso stays in the system tray with a hotkey that you assign which default is the ‘prt sc’ key. When you right click on the Screenpresso you get various options for the type of screenshot you want to take. You can screenshot a region you choose by the default key chosen, you can screenshot a previous region which is quite good as if you are capturing the same section but changing stuff around. You can also take a full screen shot of the whole desktop and screenshot and use auto scroll which will auto scroll the page you are without you having to screenshot each section.


Screenpresso also includes a screen video recording which can come in handy when needing to record something that you don’t want to miss or captured something important. Screenpresso also includes a nice workspace which lets you manage the screenshots you took and save, edit and share the screenshots. You can edit the screenshots you have captured with some nice editing which can be edited the way you want, from arrows that you can twist, blur a region, magnify a section, add text, etc. It gives your screenshots to stand out if it is being set up for a tutorial.


Screenpresso lets you share to different sharing services which makes it easy to post to facebook, imgur, box, dropbox, twitter, etc. It lets you to easily input your account through the settings menu and easily upload them there when on the workspace. The rest of Screenpresso settings lets you manage the default folder, if to start with windows, the type of screenshot if you want jpg, png, etc. and how to name it when saved, the sharing accounts as mentioned, the video capture and how you want it set up, the hot keys where you manage the keys for screen capturing and the advanced which you can manage anything that you want or don’t want Screenpresso to do.


Thoughts and Conclusion

Screenpresso is a screen capturing software that is easy to use and manage your screenshots. Gives you all the tools you need and an easy to use control panel with hot keys that you are easily able to use. When capturing a region, Screenpresso gives you an easy to select section which you can select manually or it would automatically select the section for you when you move your mouse to a certain section which makes it easy without needing to select different type. Screenpresso is one to have and use if you capture a lot of screens and need an easy to use without having to worry about saving one by one.

Reviewed by Lmanlo



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