[Contest] SoftMaker Office Standard 2012 [Forum Exclusive]

[Contest] SoftMaker Office Standard 2012 [Forum Exclusive]

| June 3, 2012

Softmaker Office 2012 Standard is a powerful multi-functional office suite without which is hard to imagine our daily routine life. In fact Softmaker Office 2012 is a good alternative to heavy and expensive Microsoft Office which becomes more and more weighty in size and needs huge system resources. Simply saying it is very difficult to install Microsoft Office on the weak computers. But in such cases Softmaker Office comes to help us.

This great program has a small installer and it is absolutely easy on computer system resources. More than that you can move it from one computer to another through the flash drives and other removable media. I think it’s very great advantage of this program. The program Softmaker Office 2012 has everything you need for high quality and comfortable working with documents, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations and so on. In general we have everything needed for working. The program is fully compatible with other office suites including Microsoft Office 2010. So you have no problems with this great software.

So let’s describe it more fully. Of course my description won’t be perfect, but I will try to do my best.
The Softmaker Office suite 2012 consists of four main components and each of them is responsible for certain operations – BasicMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations and TextMaker. BasicMaker is designed for making common operations and it allows you to edit text files and the like. After starting this program you can see the main menu which consists of the following tabs : File, Edit, View, Insert, Software, Tools, Window and Help. The File Menu allows you to create a new document, open an existing document, close it, save and print. The menu Edit allows you to undo the previous action, perform the following operations : copy, paste, cut, search the document and edit dialogs. The menu View allows you quickly to jump to a toolbar and bookmarks, open the output data, conduct operations with layouts of windows. The menu Insert allows you to add a symbol or bookmark. The menu Program allows you to trace, perform a full reset step by step. The menu Tools allows you to customize the toolbar and perform the advanced customization.

The next component of this suite is PlanMaker. It is practically an analog of Microsoft Excel. You can work with tables and mathematical formulas. It allows you to manage many great features. The menu Files includes such standard operations as open, save copy files, as well as document scanning, conversion to PDF file and sending a file to email. The menu Edit is not greatly different from other components of the program. The menu View allows you to edit, scale, highlight the document, select rows and columns. The menu Format gives opportunity to edit the cell and the font, apply frame and change style, and others. The menu Table which is the main component of the program allows you to edit the columns, rows, insert and delete cells, etc. The menu Object allows you to add various objects to the document, namely, charts, images, etc. The menu Tools allows you to protect documents, check spelling, make formulas and diagrams. The remaining tabs are similar to the BasicMaker.

The next component of Softmaker Office 2012 suite is TextMaker. It is designed to work with the text and is similar to Microsoft Office. It is quite comfortable and includes the same tools as the others and differs only in the following. The menu View allows you to edit the page size, to create columns, use a ruler and magnifier tools. The menu Format provides an opportunity to adjust the font, paragraph, use tabs, bullets, numbering, use the frame and the initial letter, and edit chapters and sections. The menu Tools allows you to check spelling, use dictionaries.

The next component of Softmaker Office 2012 suite is called Presentations and used to create beautiful and unique presentations. Among the instruments which can be mentioned are the following – creating and sorting slides, it can not only create beautiful slideshows, but also add music, text, footnotes, graphics, tables, charts, images and so on. You can also edit slideshow design, layout, structure, color, background and transition effects. In general, Presentations have everything you need to create high-quality presentation. Interface is similar to the Microsoft PowerPoint.

In general, the office suite Softmaker Office 2012 deserves attention because it does not need huge PC system resources and it has all the necessary tools for comfortable work and is compatible with other office suites such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, etc. and it performs operations very quickly qualitatively. The interface is easy to customize and very well organized.

Reviewer: Sir William of Palerne

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