[Contest] Splash PRO EX

[Contest] Splash PRO EX

| October 25, 2011

I have just installed Splash Pro Ex. And now I want to say a few words about this program. The first thing which I saw it is a cool blue interface of the program. It is really very cool and attractive.

On the top of the program there is a navigation menu panel where you can adjust any settings you want. The first button “ Open File” opens that video or audio file which we want to watch or see. The second button “ Open Folder” is for opening the folders where there are your favourite multimedia files. By the help of the third folder you can easily manage the subtitles of the video files in txt, sub, ssa, and srt formats.  The fourth button ( which is the main button for adjusting settings) is divided into four sections : a) General, b) Video, c) Audio, d) Subtitles, e) EcoMode, f) Export.

In the General section you can choose your preferable language( there are many languages of your choice, for example , Danish , Russian, etc. And some other settings ( see screenshot). Also you can in this section manage Playback settings, for example , automatically resume playback option, and a few others.

In the second section “ Video “ you can configure your Video preferences, such as Screen format, Display format, Hardware acceleration and others.

In the third section “ Audio “ you can configure output mode of your audio devices- Stereo, 5.1 channel, etc. Also you can you a special feature called Lipsync adjustment.

In the fourth section “ Subtitles “ you can easily configure your favourite subtitle features, such as Font type, Font size, Color, Encoding.

In the fifth section “ EcoMode “ you can save energy, save your money and enjoy long battery life for video playback. Excellent feature for owners of notebooks and laptops.

In the sixth section you can enjoy the latest technologies of Nvidia cuda. You can set up your video preferences for your video hardware.

The fifth button is called “ Playback options “. Here you can set your default video and audio features of your multimedia files. You can adjust brightness , contrast , saturation to your video files, and manage your audio preferences.

The sixth button is specially designed for camcorders.

And the last seventh button “ Export “ ( my favourite ) you can  manage your export preferences, for example, video quality, video bitrate , etc. Also there is a special tab for uploading video and audio files to social media Facebook and Youtube.

The program Splash Pro Ex is a great program for multimedia lovers. It has so many great features that it is impossible not to like it.

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In cooperation with Mirillis  (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 3 licenses to get the full version of Splash PRO EX!

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