[Contest] SpyShelter Premium Edition

[Contest] SpyShelter Premium Edition

| November 26, 2011

Gone are the days when we can rely only on our antivirus for a complete security. As the day passes viruses, malwares, spywares etc. are getting harder to get rid of. Moreover even hackers are also trying every possible ways to stamp their supremacy over security solutions.

Previously a virus attack would lead us either to a pc slowdown or missing/corrupted files but now it can be even worse than those. With the help of scarewares and rogue software hackers can claim ransom form the infected users or with the help of keyloggers or other spy programs they can steal vital information, confidential login data or bank account details.

To specially protect form keyloggers and other various spy programs, Trojans there is a very interesting tool, its name is SpyShelter. There are few other tools also which claims to do a similar job but none better than SpyShelter. It is certainly the best Anti-Spy and Anti-Keylogging tool around. Now, if you scroll down below, you will find few notable features of SphyShelter and reasons why I rated it so highly.

SpyShelter is light, simple and easy to use anti-spy and anti-keylogging tool. It constantly monitors the system and protects against dangerous keyloggers and Trojans. Not only keyloggers it can also protect against webcam loggers, screen loggers and even sound loggers. This is a perfect tool to protect against sophisticated programs that capture keystrokes and steal passwords and other valuable information.

The interface is clean and simplistic. All the features and tools are organized under six tabs. The first tab is the protection and it lists all the available protection modes. From here any mode can be easily be activated or deactivated. The second tab is the Black/White lists, and from the name itself it can be easily understood that all the applications are listed here. Next is the Log window which keeps a log of the recent applications opened and action taken for it. The fourth tab is Restricted apps. This is an experimental feature, which allows us to open any application in restricted manner so as to increase the chances of blocking attacks via apps leaks. This mode restricts access to system resources such as registry, files and so on. The fifth tab is the settings tab. Along with general settings there are also few advanced settings also. You can even set the security level from here. The last tab is the about tab.

Along with checking updates, we can also report a bug from here. Let’s see few notable features of SpyShelter:

-KeyLogger protection (kernel mode )
-Webcam Logger protection
-System Defense
-Internet security
-Clipboard Logger protection
-Screen Logger protection
-Anti Sound logger

All the above features and few others like 64bit support, light on resource, easy to use etc makes SpyShelter certainly the best anti-spy and anti-keylogger. It comes in two flavors- SpyShelter Personal Free and SpyShelter Premium.

Review by amazingAG


In cooperation with SpyShelter (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 10 licenses to get the Full  Version of SpyShelter Premium!

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