[Contest] Sticky Password 5.0

[Contest] Sticky Password 5.0

| April 17, 2011

In today’s world, maintaining one’s online identity secure is a number one concern. Keeping login credentials like usernames and passwords safe and private is proving to be more and more difficult, purely because of the fact that credentials are required for so many websites and online services; from email accounts to online banking to social networks and even to-do lists. Many people resort to insecure methods of storing passwords like saving them in a text file or by using a universal password. Today, we’ll be looking at a simple application that help you manage your online identities securely — Sticky Password 5.0 from Lamantine Software.

Once a password is saved in Sticky Password and if the app is active, your credentials are automatically entered for you upon visiting a website, saving you time.

Contest link (external) you need to apply at thedailybuggle to win

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