[Contest] True Image 2014 by Acronis (Lifetime)

[Contest] True Image 2014 by Acronis (Lifetime)

| November 25, 2013

Acronis- the leader in disk/PC imaging has released its flagship product Acronis True Image 2014.

With this new version Acronis has set a new standard for backup and disk imaging software, thus making it the top choice for home users and professionals alike.

This new version provides various improvements and introduces new features compared to the Acronis True Image 2013. Following are the most noticeable features:

•  Disk imaging. Even to the cloud.

• Free online storage of 5GB

• Incremental & differential backups. Now online, too.

•  Full Windows® 8 certification

•  Sync

•  Nonstop PC backup

•  Mobile file access-iOS and Android apps

•  Try&Decide

•  Time Explorer

•  Flexible file recovery

•  Secure Zone

•  Personal key encryption


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