[Contest] VIPRE Internet Security 2013 [Forum Exclusive]

[Contest] VIPRE Internet Security 2013 [Forum Exclusive]

| January 9, 2013

Vipre Internet Security 2013 is a well-balanced security software which keeps you protected without you needing to worry. You can set up a scheduled scan so that you can just leave Vipre Internet Security 2013 without having to open it for scanning and can just be left alone until you need it.


Installation is simple and it goes as regular Welcome, terms and conditions, install which should also scan computer and finish. When you start Vipre Internet Security 2013 you’ll come up with the main interface which is user friendly.


Vipre Internet Security 2013 interface is user friendly and gives you the information you need when you look at the main overview. There are five tabs on beside the Vipre Internet Security 2013 which are Overview, Scan, Firewall, Manage and Tools. The overview gives you information you need to know, if you have a scan scheduled which if you click on scheduled scan you can customize the schedule or add new ones, and when the scan was done. Also shows if you are protected, if it has the current updates, and if firewall is also enabled. On the right side it’ll show you how many risks it has protected you from and when your subscription expires.

The scan lets’ you run a quick, deep or custom scan and gives you options on what you want it to scan and what not. You can also select the Vipre Rapid ScanTM which should speed up scans. The scans usually take around 4 minutes for a quick scan and can take up to 2.5 hours for a deep scan depending on your system. When scanning if you have the details to show you would be able to see if and what risks has been detected and what files are being scanned. After the scan is finished it’ll give you the statistics of what it found, how many, how much time it took, what type of scan, etc.

The firewall lets you view activity of what has been blocked, you can modify the settings, view the firewall history and view the connections. On the settings for firewall you’re able to enable the intrusion detection system, boot time protection, and if you want to log the packets that goes through your network. Also gives you the option of web filtering and process protection.

In the manage screen, you are able to view the history of what Vipre Internet Security 2013 reports. You are able to view the quarantine, add items to the allowed list, view vipre updates and see the new Easy Updates of what items it has installed. The Easy Update updates programs like Adobe flash, Java, windows update, etc.

The tools section lets you clean your pc history, view a PC explorer which lets you view running processes, installed ActiveX, etc. A con which does not regularly happen but when checking running processes it can freeze up Vipre Internet Security 2013 and a computer restart is needed to be able to reopen Vipre.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Vipre Internet Security 2013 is a good security software which gives you what you need to keep protected. The interface is user friendly which there would not be a problem with first time users and can be set up and left to do the job it is meant to do. With a very minor con which most won’t notice is the opening of the running process when checking the PC Explorer,. The resources it uses is around 80 mb and when running could go up to 100 mb or more which you barely notice the resources it uses. Vipre Internet Security 2013 has around a 85% detection rate which should be good as the rest is still caught when you try to run files. You can see more at http://www.vipreantivirus.com/VIPRE-Internet-Security/ .

Reviewer: lmanlo

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