[Contest] Visual IP Trace Standard

[Contest] Visual IP Trace Standard

| July 7, 2012

Visual IP Trace is a must have program for those interested to know and understand more from IP addresses and Website sources. You can use it to track, investigate and find almost everything related to an IP address. It provides advanced features and it’s very easy to use.

The program requires Java in order to start correctly. If you don’t have Java installed, the program will ask to install on your behalf. After the Java installation you are ready to use the program.

The main window shows you the world map. You can easy move the map by dragging the mouse on it. You also have zoom features (in and out). To activate the zoom just press the left or right mouse button.

Start tracing for an ip is very easy, just type it in the address bar and click Start trace. You can also type a domain name, the program will automatically recognize as well. See below:

In this case i have used a domain name rather than an ip address, but the result is the same.

After you click the Start trace button, the software begins the discovery and follows all the hops until iy reaches the destination. You can find all hops it discovered at the bottom of the main windows, have look below:

As you can see, the last column is clickable. If you click on the Network fields for example: Google Inc.) , a new windows pop-ups and will tell you all the information about the network you are looking for. It gets sources and information from different databases automatically, and reports very detailed results, see the image:

On the right side, you can have even more information about the ip (or domain) you are searching for. You have:

Name & Location information: here you can find detailed IP information and where the IP is located:

Domain whois: here you will find the whois information, and the registered details and how to contact the owner (if any):

System services: here you find available system service (like http, https) running on the target system, if you click on them you can browse the available services (if any):

There is also an advanced version that offers even more features like Batch tracing and Tabbed interface.

(This image was taken from their website)

After an extensive test of the standard version (5.0e) , i can say the program is very good for all those who are looking a reliable software to get detailed information about websites and domains. The tracking feature is good and fast. The Zooming feature is not very precise and sometimes you will not get an exact zooming position and you need to move again the map using the mouse. Another thing i would like is to have a visual representation of the tracked hops (only available at the bottom of the main windows), this would let the zooming really useful, in fact i couldn’t find any real benefit using it (rather than consuming my mouse pad). You just see only 1 hop (the latest) on the main window. I can suggest this program to every tech guy involved in the networking/Internet jobs (the advanced version is very good and with more features)


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