[Contest] VSO Video Converter

[Contest] VSO Video Converter

| September 30, 2013

VSO Video Converter lets you convert any video to any format to DVD, AVI, Blu-Ray, MKV, MP4, Android phones, iPad, iPhone, etc. Has one of the quickest speeds and usually depending on the size it should take about 10-15 minutes to finish. Straight forward menu with 1 click add and a selection of the formats you can choose.


VSO Video Converter menu is easy to use and gives you many ways to make sure that the conversion goes the way you want. You can add from files, Blu-ray/DVD structure and ISO’s which then can be converted to the format of your choosing on the output format.

The settings lets you go through various selections of what cha be done. The General Settings lets you select where the output folder and how many cores should it use and the more should go quickly and get you to times about 10-15 minutes to complete a 1 hour 40 minute video. When converting to a DVD format you can select the type of menu template and how it should play when burned to a disc which you can also have it burn to the disc after conversion is complete. You are able to force subtitles on the language you select but the sound should be going smoothly on original video to easily capture sound.

When you have selected the video(s) you want to convert, you can double click on video to open up the video editor. The video editor lets you manage the video, audio and subtitle tracks, trim parts of the video, add other videos, etc. This lets you maintain the video to how you would want it to be shown.


After configuring the video, you can start the conversion which depending on computer it can finish the conversion in less than 15 minutes and have it ready to be shown on any device depending on the format you choose. Which you’ll see the progress on the videos and easily know when it should complete. The video quality does not distort and you won’t need to worry much in that sense as the quality should stay as the original file was.

Thoughts and Conclusions
VSO Video Converter is an all in one tool which you can convert any files to any format you need so you can be able to play it on the device you want and not have problems on the video quality from distorting. The conversion is quick which comes in handy when needing the file on a different format for showing your video.


You can take a look at what else VSO Video Converter can do at: http://www.vso-software.fr/products/video-converter/vso-video-converter.php.

Reviewer: LMANLO

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