[Contest] Windows 8 Manager

[Contest] Windows 8 Manager [Forum Exclusive]

| January 17, 2013

Windows 8 Manager by Yamicsoft is a program utility that helps optimize, tweak, repair, and clean Windows 8. Windows 8 Manager is designed to increase your system speed, eliminate system fault, and improve system security.
Installation was typical and easy and the program is designed to work with Windows 8 32-bit and 64- bit versions.
Yamicsoft also provides Windows 7, Vista, and WinXP managers, but in this review we will be covering
the Windows 8 version of the program.

We will go into more detail and depth of the features and capabilities of the program throughout this review.

Main Window

When you first open Windows 8 Manager you will be presented with the main screen as pictured above.
The layout is nice and simple and provides easy access to the features you would like to use.
These features are arranged nicely on the side-bar of the main window. Among the available options are:

  • System Information
  • Process Manager
  • Optimization Wizard
  • 1-Click Cleaner
  • Repair Center
  • Optimizer
  • Cleaner
  • Customization
  • Security
  • Network
  • Miscellaneous Utilities

Now we will go in-depth of what each function does for your Windows 8 system.

When you click on System information, the utility will provide an in-depth look at your
Systems information including Hardware, Software, and other information. The information provided is quite in-depth and gave better information than expected. You can even click on individual aspects of your System information on the left pane of the System information Screen to get a breakdown of the specific information you are looking for and export them to Html.
From here you can learn all about your system’s information.

The Process Manager is another great tool in Windows 8 Manger.
As the name implies, this feature displays all running processes on your system along with the processes information.
You also have the option to select a process and set its priority, you can kill a specific process or processes, black list a process, get details on the process,
go to the process folder, and query the internet for more information about the process.
The options for the process manager are at the top of this window on a toolbar as shown in the screenshot below:

The next great feature of Windows Manager 8 is the Optimization tool.
When using the Optimization Tool, it will open a Wizard-like interface and run you through different steps to help optimize windows 8.
It will walk you through optimizing processes, UI, Windows updates, and other Windows 8 features to get
Windows 8 optimized for your system.

Now let’s discuss the 1-Click Cleaner. The 1-click Cleaner will clean up junk files, registry and privacy with just one click. You can clear privacy history (with clean privacy options), and defrag the registry with this 1-Click Cleaner.

Next is the Repair Center. The Repair center has a host of options to help repair Windows 8
in the event something goes wrong with your Windows 8 system. Included options for repair are:

  • General Repair
  • Unlock System
  • File Association
  • Icon Repair
  • IE Repair
  • Immunity
  • Troubleshooting

I will not go over in detail what each function can perform or I would be writing a book.
However let me say that there are plenty of options and useful utilities to help repair your system.
I can honestly say I am quite amazed at the functions available.
See the screenshots below for a look at the Repair Center Screens:

The next function is the Optimizer.
The Optimizer gives you the options of System Speed, Startup Manager, Service Manager, and Task Scheduler with each one having its own options and settings.

The next option is the Windows 8 Manager Cleaner.
With the Windows 8 Manager Cleaner, you have the options for:

  • Disk Analyzer
  • Smart Uninstaller
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Duplicate Files Finder
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Registry Defrag
  • Desktop Cleaner

The Next option is Customization. With this tool you can:

  • Customize System
  • Jumplist Launcher
  • Boot Configuration
  • Context Menu
  • Win+X Menu Editor
  • Visual Customizer
  • Run-Shortcut Creator

The next set of options is Security.
These options help secure your system with some very nice options. These options include:

  • System Security
  • Other Security
  • Drives and Programs
  • Files and Folders
  • File Undelete
  • Privacy Protector

The next set of options includes Network settings.
With the Network Settings option you can accelerate connection and download speed, tweak your network and use Share Manager. Other options include:

  • System Network
  • IE Manager
  • IP Switcher
  • Hosts Editor

The last set of options includes Misc. Utilities. The options include:

  • My Task – Information on CPU usage, Process Usage, Monitor Input, Network Traffic, Take Rest,
    USB Event, and Session Event.
  • Windows Utilities – System Utilities, Device Utilities, Security Utilities, Disk Utilities,
    File Utilities, Network Utilities, Other Utilities, Control Panel
  • File Splitter – Allows you to Split and Merge FIles
  • Super Copy – Gives you extensive copy and move file options
  • Registry tools – Gives you options for Registry Finder, Registry Jumper,
    Registry Editor, Backup Registry, and Restore Registry


Windows 8 Manager really exceeded my expectations of what this type of program can do.
There are so many tools and options to choose from that it isn’t hard to find the tool or utility you’re looking for.
If you are looking for Windows 8 options and tools, chances are Windows 8 Manager has it.
With it’s easy to use interface, loads of options, practicality, and overall ease-of-use, this is one program to give a try.

Reviewed by Jeremy


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