[Contest] Zemana AntiMalware

[Contest] Zemana AntiMalware [Forum Exclusive]

| September 15, 2012

In today’s world nothing is complete and this also applies to security. Yes, security is always incomplete both physical and virtual and always needs an upgrade to fill the lope holes. These days every modern computer has an antivirus program installed to prevent, detect and/or remove Malwares, but unfortunately they are incomplete too. They sometimes miss some of the complex and new forms of malwares that’s why computer users who are serious about their privacy and security (including me) always use some extra layers of protection so that if Antivirus program miss something they don’t suffer. Anti-malware is one of those extra layers of security that I was talking about. Anti-malware programs are common these days and most people use it both as real time and as on-demand. There are various Anti-malware programs available in the market, but today I want to talk about a new anti-malware program from a world renowned security software vendor. I am talking about Zemana’s Anti-malware.

Zemana’s anti-malware is powered by a powerful Anti-malware engine (Hitman pro), and it also scans suspicious files with cloud database of number of security software vendors. This quality makes it unique and much more powerful. It comes with a 30days full functional trial.

Now let’s talk about its GUI (Graphical User Interface): The GUI of Zemana Anti-malware is very simple, and has four buttons on the bottom. First button is Buy Now it shows only when program is unregistered/unlicensed, on clicking on this button a web page opens up in default browser where user can buy a licence for the program. Second Button is Settings, I’ll discuss it below. Third button is Next, User can select it for scanning system there are two options available in this scan default and quick. Fourth button is Close, it acts like an exit button by selecting it user can exit this program.

Now let’s talk about Settings: On selecting this button a new window pops up which have six tabs on the top. I’ll explain every tab with its options below.

First tab is Settings: Here user can check/uncheck settings about tracking cookies scan and malware remnant scan. User can also adjust settings for restore point and uploading file to cloud. User also has the option to change language of program.

Second tab is Scan: Here user has options to schedule scan, user can select default or quick scan and can select when scan starts (at startup or at specific day of the week.). Here user can check/uncheck other options like Shell integration, no scan while a full screen app is running and can also choose to postpone scan for startup.

Third tab is History:  Here user can check the history of detected (quarantine) files. User has option to remove them, restore them and can also delete the history.

Fourth tab is License: here user can find details (type, expiration date, etc) of license. User can also activate product key if they have one or can buy it by clicking on the direct link.

Fifth tab is Proxy: Here user has the option to set proxy and a authentication password, user also has the no proxy option, automatic detect settings and option to use proxy settings from internet explorer.

Sixth tab is Advance: Here user can select mode of disk access from direct and compatible. User can also select early warning system (recommended for expert users).


Conclusion: What I like in Zemana’s anti-malware is its portability (no installation needed and user can use it from a USB stick). It is very lite on system resources. It is very user friendly and its GUI is too simple that even a novice user can user it without any difficulty. User can user its full functional trial for 30 days, and can experience its potential. I highly recommend it to everyone. I hope everyone like it as much as I liked it. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

Reviewed by Sahil


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