[Deal] FREE BitDefender Internet Security 2011 for 3PCs and 2 years license

[Deal] FREE BitDefender Internet Security 2011 for 3PCs and 2 years license

| February 26, 2011

BitDefender Internet Security 2011 Value Edition provides 3 PCs with two years of protection against viruses, hackers, spam, and identity theft? without the slowdown! Includes: Firewall; iPhone-friendly Parental Controls, to monitor and control what websites your kids visit and who they IM with, 24/7; IM Encryption, for private chatting; QuickScan, to detect viruses in just 60 seconds; Video Tutorials, to keep you in the know about your security; a customizable dashboard that lets you choose how much or how little you want to see; Home Network Management; Laptop Mode, to prolong battery life; Gamer Mode; automatic hourly updates; and more!

Stop Viruses and Spyware Cold:
· Proactive protection stops new viruses and malware that other products miss.

Choosee Your View:
· Match the interface to your level of comfort by selecting between Basic, Intermediate, or Expert settings—and quickly create shortcuts to frequently used controls.

Safeguard Your Privacy:
· Eliminate the chances your data and conversations are leaked to others over email, Facebook, IM, or websites that track your online activities.

Manage Your Home Network:
· Control the security of your entire network from a single location.

Firewall Protection:
· Establish a two-way firewall with just a few clicks, to continuously monitor your Internet connections and prevent unauthorized access—even over a Wi-Fi network.

Keep Your Family Safe:
· With parental controls you’ll receive reports, by browser, email, or cell phone, on recent online activity for each child’s computer in your home network.

Eliminate Spam:
· Send unwanted or malicious email and attachments straight to the trash, so they never reach your Inbox.

Play and Work Seamlessly:
· Automatically activate Game, Laptop, or Silent Mode to minimize interruptions, prolong battery life, or reduce system load to ensure seamless and secure gameplay.

Video Library:
· A new collection of step-by-step videos helps you navigate through common security challenges.

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