Donwload FREE Audials One Standard Special Edition

Download FREE Audials One Standard Special Edition

| February 26, 2011

Audials One furnishes you with music around the clock. Just enter any music genre, any artist, any album or any title and Audials One finds your music in a flash. Whether by downloading it directly from an Internet site or by recording it from one of the Internet’s countless radio stations, Audials One knows exactly where to hunt down the music you’re looking for and is power-packed with the technology needed to get it—whatever the source.

How many times have you wished you could record all the music you listen to on the Web and automatically save each song as a separate MP3 file with a name that makes sense? Audials does it, regardless of whether the music is coming from a streaming service like or from a music portal like Grooveshark. Audials records everything you hear on the Web—simply, reliably and automatically.

Music isn’t everything, so why stop there? With its built-in podcast client and integrated, automatically self-updating directory of audio and video podcasts, Audials brings you a veritable bottomless cup of free entertainment from the world of podcasting.

You can get it at this promo page (Computerbild)

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