Download free games at DotEMU

Download free games at DotEMU

| June 17, 2011

4 x free games (and more) available at DotEMU. Games are: Beneath a steel sky, Drascula, Tyrian, Flight of the Amazon Queen.

Beneath a steel sky is a point-and-click and adventure game in whitch you evolve in a future world in Australia.

John Hacker, mild mannered estate agent, arrives in Transylvania in order to finalize the sale of some land to Count Drascula.

Tyrian is a vertical shoot’em up in a distant future universe.

You are Joe King, pilot of the Amazon Queen, which must carry Faye Russel – a famous sexy actress over Amazonia for her next movie shooting.

Credits: Forum

Category: Freebies, Games

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