Download Free Macvide Flash Player

Download Free Macvide Flash Player

| April 26, 2011

Due to Internet wide spreading flash is becoming more and more popular format nowadays. That is why having a reliable tool for playing back this format is necessity. Flash Player is a trustworthy Mac software that allows you to view flash video on your computer. Being a fully functional program for playing flash this tool enables watching your favorite SWF and flv reels.

Using Macvide Flash Player you can provide time control over your flash movies. The program allows you to manually select on time line any particular moment of the file. You will easily find requested shot of your flash video moving the knob.

The size of flash video file will be determined automatically after opening it with Flash Player. So you will always know the length of uploaded file. You can also regulate video size adjusting dimensions. Flash Player enables changing length and width manually for zooming in or out.

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