Download FREE SafeSquid Content Filtering Internet Proxy for Windows and Linux

Download FREE SafeSquid Content Filtering Internet Proxy for Windows and Linux

| January 27, 2011

SafeSquid is An Internet Proxy that allows Total Access Control, Total Content Security, easy scalability in really large environments, and most importantly, easy to implement, manage and tweak, as per every-day needs.

As an Internet Proxy SafeSquid supports:

  • transparent proxying, as well as the opaque-mode & WPAD.
  • creation profiles that allows the administrators to – allocate time and cumulative bandwidth – to users / networks
  • access control profiles
  • user Authentication via PAM.

SafeSquid offers the most advanced possibilities in content filtering:

  • It can use your favourite AntiVirus Software for virus filtering
  • It can block pornography, by analysing text and images from any web-page, including webmail services like Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.
  • It can stop people from querying search engines for pornography or jobs, etc.
  • It can stop people from logging into personal email sites, or forums & blogs, or instant messengers & chats.
  • It can stop people from uploading or downloading huge files.
  • It can block pop-ups, spyware, or any other malicious content.
  • It can stop downloads of software, or music, or movies etc.
  • It can use categorised web-site databases to allow and deny access.

SafeSquid has a built-in browser-based interface:

  • A GUI that anybody with even minimal technical understanding can manage.
  • The salient feature of this interface is it’s context-sensitive tool-tip help.
  • SafeSquid is singularly unique in this tool-tip system. The users can themselves change the displayed tool-tips, just in case they have better words to interpret a function.

SafeSquid by design has an extremely scalable architecture:

  • multi-threaded design with very fine-grained locking allows maximum utilization of SMP systems.
  • a client connection pool so that the number of threads in use at any time roughly matches the number of requests currently transferring, rather than the number of clients connected as you would expect with a more primitive multi-threaded design.
  • configuration synchronization between multiple proxy servers in a cluster to ease management.
  • support for Internet Cache Protocol to maximize the efficiency of the cache in a clustered environment.
  • support for Cache Array Routing Protocol, which allows a group of proxy servers to act as one logical cache store.
  • freely distributed SDK to create custom features.
  • inherent capability to process requests and responses with any third party software.
  • PAM-awareness to use any PAM modules.

SafeSquid can supplement Squid or any other proxy and very easily deliver you all the content filtering you wanted!

Download SafeSquid HERE

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