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| July 23, 2012

Still active for those interested to get it: Wondershare Disk Manager Free is a handy tool for all-level users to copy hard disk and manage partitions. With the complete wizards, you will never worry about data loss when you need to copy disk/partition, create partitions, resize partitions, delete partitions and recover partitions. Now use Wondershare Disk Manager to reasonably allocate disk space and re-structure your hard disk for maximum use!

A full set of disk partitioning features lets you take full control of your hard drive. Need to copy, resize, extend, delete, merge, split or recover partitions but fear to lose important data? With this handy and safe partition manager, you can Do It Yourself.
Create Partition: create a new partition or re-partition your hard drive for better usage.
Delete Partition: delete a partition or delete all partitions. You can choose whether to shred data in the partition.
Resize Partition: extend a partition to a larger size or reduce a partition without losing data.
Copy Partition: copy a partition as well as all files in it for backup. You can save the copy to another partition or another storage device.
Recover Partition: recover lost partitions as well as files in it from misoperation, software/hardware failure, or virus attack.
Convert Partition: convert FAT to NTFS or vice versa.
Set Partition Active: your computer will boot from the active partition.
Hide/unhide Partition: make your sensitive partition invisible and prevent unauthorized access.
Format Partition: prepare for installing OS or re-organizing your hard disk.

[Giveaway] WonderShare Disk Manager

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